How did you find out about Frogatto?


I found out about it only around an hour ago. I saw it on a website and Googled it I’m just trying it out. It looks pretty cool.



I found out about frogatto on wikipedia. I was just looking for OSS games.

I really like this game, it gives me warm fuzzy feelings. The gameplay is simple, yet challenging. The graphics are retro, yet elegant.
What really places this game way above average for an OSS game is the consistency and the sense of a real flow throughout the game. There’s a storyline, there’s a good feeling of accomplishment after completing a task / finding a key / defeating a boss / etc. This is commercial grade stuff guys!
Sound effects are great, some of the music is good too, but too much trebble which is really distracting. It sounds loud without being loud, if that makes any sense to you guys.

Overall, i think you guys have done a great job. If you publish this to the (mac) app store for a few bucks, i’ll buy it!

So, thanks devs, for this great game!




Thanks for posting!

The soundtrack is being reworked to a large degree to favor less jarring frequencies. So yea, we definitely note the frustration with that aspect of the sound design and are making slow but necessary steps to make the music blend into the experience more seamlessly!




Through the forums or IRC channel of Battle for Wesnoth.


Looking on wikipedia for open source code games. >


So did I.
I heard so much rumor about it, that I definitely had to download the sources and try it. Now I’ve got some time problems… :frowning:



I was grabbing the latest stable version of Battle for Wesnoth, and lo, I see an ad for Frogatto. Being an old-schooler, growing up in Mario’s early years, I gave it a shot. Excellent work, friends. Thanks for the fun.


We’re glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:


I found Frogatto from Kim Komando.



It all begins with my brother, a crazy guy with a masters degree in bimolecular medicine (or something like that), who’s just fed up with lab work, and for some weird reason is trying to enter the iOS gaming industry instead.

I’m a young “Electronics Engineer” (not quite sure if that’s the correct translation, as my native language is spanish), with a passion for programming, so I was trying to help him.

After we studied lots of engines and other stuff for iOS, I started trying to design my own engine based on a lot of good ideas I’ve seen. I ultimately wanted to have something like what I had seen in Bret Victors’ “Inventing by Principle” but I knew something like that would take me a looong while, since I’m only experienced in embedded programming; so I thought, “Let’s search for some open source engine in Wikipedia, they’ll probably have the hardest part already done”, but in spanish? yes, I think in spanish most of the time, how weird is that?

After reading about a lot of open source engines and games in Wikipedia’s list of open source video games with free engines but proprietary content I stumbled with Frogatto. My initial thought was: “This looks nice”, and after watching Sirp’s Developing with the Frogatto Engine video, I just knew I had found the holy grail, not only the “hardest part” is already done, but it’s just as I imagined, it’s like if you had entered my mind, then traveled back in time to have this ready for when I needed it, hahaha.

So, that’s the story, my real name is Cristi?n, and my brother entered this forum by the name of InquirerK.

[size=8pt](btw, underlined words were URLs, but I’m not allowed to post external links :()[/size]


I fell in love with it from a link in the Aquaria Forum. But sadly lost all working versions of the game and can’t seem to find one now o.o
Also I didn’t realize it was a sister project to BfW else I would have burned the files to disc ages ago to ensure I never lost them.


None of the links on the page are working for you?


the downloads work. Once I extract them and run the application file they pretty well have crashed out like four times now. hold on let me get my link for you from troubleshooting. I’ll edit this post with it.


I found out when linus claimed to have invented it.


Sirp said, “You should take a look…”


Silver tree was winding down, not that I’d been very involved, and someone said something about Frogatto, and gave me a link to it. Then I got bored and went off and learned me some blender. But a year (half a year?) later I wondered what was up and checked it out again and this time it looked kind of neat so I was in. Then I annoyed everyone for a few years, matured a bit, and now I’m less annoying. :smiley:


For me, I’m french and I discovered Frogatto in thanks to atOmium


I searched for open source games to translate an stumbled upon this on a page reviewing os games. I don’t remember which site it was though.


I met Jetrel about two months ago on a forum devoted to the admiration of an extremely obscure game franchise called Dark Castle. He was looking for testers, and I assume he came there because he had made a few levels that paid homage to Dark Castle and he wanted to make sure somebody appreciated the reference. Turned out they needed a few sound effects, and so here I am.


A friend was looking for a good engine with which to develop a game for her game design course, and I was intrigued. I downloaded the game and loved it, and now I find myself working with the engine as well. I jumped into the IRC and eventually signed up here.