How did you find out about Frogatto?


I figured that it’d be nice to know where our current and future regulars come from (in Internet terms) so let’s see…

I first heard of Frogatto from Dave himself when discussing some stuff about a WML parser/preprocessor implementation of my own, on IRC. It looked waaaaay different back then, something 2008-ish.


I forgot about the game afterwards until very recently, but I don’t remember what attracted me to it again.


I found the game from a website listing videogames for GNU/Linux.
The design of this game is so professionnal (and so Psygnosis-like) that I needed to test it via its SVN trunk.

So far so good


The name was coming up a lot on the Wesnoth forums and IRC. I decided to Google it.


I think that Gambits’s reason is going to be very common. :smiley: I found it through the wesnoth forums.


I can’t remember if I found it through the Wesnoth forums or through Shadowmaster’s blog link (yes, I do occasionally enter his lair), but it was definitely one of those. The fact that Dave was involved was an instant reason to investigate, and when I found out that Neorice, Jetrel, Shadowmaster, and others were also involved, I just had to try it out.


This is pretty much it.
Had I heard about it elsewhere I would have just thought “Another garbage plat-former floating around the internet.” and never even downloaded it.
Which is also why our word of mouth is vital right now. A friend telling you about something is much more powerful than just randomly reading about it.


I heard about it when Dave had made a prototype for neorice, and he wanted a Mac version. Back then, it looked like this:


I was trying to find out who led Wesnoth development and what happened to them. Someone told me it was a certain Dave who was now currently working a random project called frogatto. I tried to find it but there was only a small screenshotless website so I lost interest. I subscribe to the RSS feed from freegamer that told me version 1.0 was released, so I immediately came and downloaded.


I found out about it when Gambit made the topic in the off-topic section of the BFW forum.


I found out from Gambit’s forum thread.


I reckon I had read about it a while ago, either from the Wesnoth forums or the Hero of Allacrost forums/irc room. Been following this project since!


Found out through Allacrost as well, either the forums or IRC, through Jetryl.


Like the rest, Gambit’s thread on the Wesnoth Forums.

[Thread linked for convenience]


I went through approximately the exact same thing. I had actually wanted to help neorice program a rather different game based on a different screenshot of his, but couldn’t get my shit together. It was this screenshot: In hindsight, I was definitely not ready to bootstrap a project totally on my own; we had enough trouble doing frogatto as a combined team. I mean, really, I didn’t even start - I’d just stated the intention to, and never got it rolling. When I found out he was doing frogatto, I immediately wanted to get involved, because I really needed the programming experience, and a platformer was something I’d always wanted to do. As time went on, to my mild dismay, I gradually had to chip in more and more to get artwork actually finished, and by the end of the project, I was working more on art than anything else.

I still think I learned a lot about programming, though. Chiefly, I think one of the unexpected benefits was getting really good at “thinking in FML/FFL”, because FFL (the Frogatto Formula Language) is apparently very similar to Haskell/Lisp; most especially in the idea of being built out of “lists” which get evaluated. It’s a (nearly) “pure functional” programming language, which although they don’t get used so much in the wild, yet, is going to be one of the things that becomes more and more important in programming due to how computers are moving to massive parallelism and it’s so deeply amenable to that in ways procedural languages simply can’t be (also avoids entire categories of bugs by default).

It also just makes me think better, as a programmer. I actually wonder if I’d have ever been able to “crack” the basic gist of how they work without being eased into it like this.

So anyways, I joined around the same time Ben did, I think, and I quickly realized we were without a musician. Since rain’s work was rotting over at allacrost, :’( and since he really seemed to “get” the basic nintendo vibe that’s necessary to do this kind of music (much like jazz, you either get it or you don’t), he was pretty much perfect, so I grabbed him and it was a match made in heaven.


First I’ve read about it on OpenGameArt (the old tiles are there), and I’ve tried the pre-alpha. I really liked it, but then I forgot to check it. Today I found out from the Happy Penguin site that the 1.0 release is out.


Shadowmaster’s lair link in his signature from the wesoth forums.


News on Happy Penguin.


While trying to find out what happened to Silver Tree I found out that it had been abandoned and Frogatto was all the rage now. I found Frogatto still in development so compiled the latest SVN and loved it.


Same, as Joram, news on Happy Penguin.


Found out about Frogatto, from Dave on TouchArcade. He was originally discussing how the game was going to be ported over and nicely provided a link for us users. I look forward to spending a few dollars on Frogatto in the AppStore upon release.