How did you find out about Frogatto?


I found only very recently (one day ago) about Frogatto on Pixel Prospector.


I found out when I was reading a post in Wesnoth’s Ageless Era thread (mnewton’s profile)


I heard Jet and Neorice and Dave and SM were working on something. Chances were that it’d be as cool as Wesnoth. Frogatto didn’t disappoint, when I showed up :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone on neogaf posted about it:


Pixel Prospector


I found the game from a website listing videogames for GNU/Linux.


I found out about it through the apples download page. I wanted an adventure game of some sort and this game was given top billing.


Made him up when I was twelve.


Oh aren’t we Mr. “I like Frogetto’s old stuff BEFORE he went mainstream”? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: on a serious note though, that’s pretty awesome that you are able to have carried out an idea like that (and remarkably well I might add).


I found out about Frogatto using the Genius option in the App Store on my iTouch.


I saw the banner on the Wesnoth forums. Love it so far!


I was checking the Wesnoth front page to see if there was another version out and the bright colors on the banner at the top caught my attention long enough for me to notice “From the creators of Battle for Wesnoth” then I started playing and here I am.

I’m actually pleased to see many Wesnothers here. Especially Zerovirus, I want to see his badass take on the Frogatto sprite.


I saw the banner on the Wesnoth front page, and figured I might as well take a look.


glad to hear it!


Me like every wesnothian. Come from the Wesnoth forum to the rise of frogatto.

It’s fun. Really good game :D.


Going through the free games list at wikipedia:


oh cool. Didn’t realize frogatto had a page. Can’t put my name in but oh well. DAHHHHH


I just made the page the other day, and I don’t consider it complete. Now that I know they have an actual “composer” listing for that info-box, you’re in as such.

#39 (it has 10/10 there, btw).


Hello all.

Like others have said, I saw the day before yesterday that banner in the BFW’s front page and clicked on it. Then, after reading the Frogatto’ site, I downloaded the sources from the svn repository, compiled it on my box and played these last two days. I got hooked on it, and I’ve not been able to stop playing it until the end :slight_smile:

Nice game! Congrats.