How did you find out about Frogatto?


Looking through games on the Ubuntu Software Center.


There are a few pleasant surprises in there. :smiley:


i have ubuntu i really wanted a stragety/adventure game. looked in my sowtware center & ta da my fave game now.[quote=“DDR, post:82, topic:30”]There are a few pleasant surprises in there. :D[/quote]


I found out about the game through Jetrel’s signature in the Battle for Wesnoth forums.


I went to the Software Center on Ubuntu and downloaded it for free. I actually played the game until Nene’s House.

Ironic, then, that I completed the game on OS X.


I like following indie bundles and steam sales. This game grabbed my attention as one of the best platformers I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m really looking forward to release.


found it in the Ubuntu software center in 12.04.


I was looking for new games to play and i typed in best old games and this game came up!
And it is realy fun to play. I record myself when playing this game maybe some people are intrested let me know. I have no idea if i can post videos here or not .


Old games? Gee! Well, I guess that works, if it means you’ve found out about it. Happy that you enjoyed the game!