Action Jack's sound effect thread


Trying to pin down the specifics on enemy death crunches.

STATUS: Liked, except for about two of them. None presently implemented.

Crunch-Test4.wav (44.1 KB)

Crunch-Test7.wav (52.1 KB)

Crunch-Test8.wav (56.1 KB)

Crunch-Test9.wav (39.1 KB)

Crunch-Test10.wav (36.1 KB)

Crunch-Test11.wav (32.1 KB)

Crunch-Test12.wav (48.1 KB)


Death on spikes.

Death-Spikes.wav (121.1 KB)


Better death on spikes.

Well, relatively-speaking. I don’t suppose there’s such a thing as good OKAY YOU GET THE POINT.

Um… that wasn’t supposed to be a pun. I’m not that sharp.

That was supposed to be pun. So I’m that sharp.

Just… download the sound already.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Death-Spikes2.wav (121.1 KB)


You and your barbed humour. :smiley:


Tacky guys. Just tacky. ::slight_smile:


Oh, go stick it up your ass :stuck_out_tongue:


… Awkward. You could hear a pin drop. GET TO THE POINT ALREADY


“Get the point” was the pun that started this nonsense.

He bumps… he sets… he SPIKES!!!




Ouch. Such language! Just hearing it is piercing my ears!


A loop for the machinations of retractible spikes returning to their… spike-slots.

SpikeRetractLoop.ogg (20.2 KB)


Another sound for the thwumps smashing into the ground.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Thwump-Slam1.wav (74.1 KB)

Thwump-Slam2.wav (77.1 KB)

Thwump-Slam3.wav (53.1 KB)

Thwump-Slam4.wav (74.8 KB)

Thwump-Slam5.wav (64.1 KB)

Thwump-Slam6.wav (72.2 KB)

Thwump-Slam7.wav (60.2 KB)


I know I already did a clock-ticking sound, but we’ve got multiple clock models. So here’s another.

ClockAntiqueTickingLoop.ogg (143.0 KB)


Thwumps also need a sound for being winched back up into the air. Here’s an offering, and then the same offering at a lower pitch.

Also, a sound of a mechanical device locking into place, though this one might be more useful for the retractable spikes.

STATUS: In process of implementing a shorter version of gears-winding-pitch-down.wav for thwumps. Others not implemented.

Gears-Winding-Pitch-Down.wav (296.4 KB)

Gears-Winding.wav (305.1 KB)

Mechanical-Click.wav (31.1 KB)


Some heavy stone impacts.

STATUS: Declined.

Rock-Monster-Footstep1.wav (88.1 KB)

Rock-Monster-Footstep2.wav (106.1 KB)

Rock-Monster-Footstep3.wav (89.1 KB)

Rock-Monster-Footstep4.wav (96.1 KB)


Some footstep slides for hollow wood surfaces, like bridges. Varying amounts of creakery.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Footstep-slide-wood1.wav (25.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood2.wav (35.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood3.wav (27.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood4.wav (21.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood5.wav (18.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood6.wav (21.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood7.wav (24.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood8.wav (22.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood9.wav (24.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood10.wav (34.6 KB)


And a few more.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Footstep-slide-wood11.wav (21.4 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood12.wav (28.8 KB)

Footstep-slide-wood13.wav (24.1 KB)


Sliding footfalls for stone.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Footstep-slide-stone1.wav (28.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone2.wav (26.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone3.wav (28.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone4.wav (26.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone5.wav (29.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone6.wav (20.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone7.wav (18.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone8.wav (22.1 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone9.wav (26.6 KB)

Footstep-slide-stone10.wav (26.6 KB)


You know, I’m running out of variations on "You’ve been busy! :o ".


DDR, I have more faith in you than that. For true variety, convey that message in entirely different words. Here’s a freebie to get you started:

“Your actions have consumed time and effort that could have easily been spent toward some other purpose!”