Action Jack's sound effect thread


A popping sound for kitty death.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Milgramen-Explode.wav (71.6 KB)

Milgramen-Explode2.wav (70.1 KB)

Milgramen-Explode3.wav (60.6 KB)

Milgramen-Explode4.wav (53.1 KB)

Milgramen-Explode5.wav (57.1 KB)


Not really sure how to classify this sound, but I like it. Perhaps for the machines that spawn Milgram Pods or Milgram Blocks?

STATUS: Variation #1 implemented in-game for Milgram Pod Launcher, now named milgram-pod-spawn1.wav.

Metal-Vibration1.wav (47.6 KB)

Metal-Vibration2.wav (50.6 KB)

Metal-Vibration3.wav (48.6 KB)

Metal-Vibration4.wav (39.9 KB)

Metal-Vibration5.wav (48.6 KB)


A loop for gears turning, for those moving platforms in Seaside area. The ones that are just planks hanging from ropes.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

SqueakyGearsTurning.ogg (127.6 KB)


Demo sound for a new enemy. Probably needs to be re-recorded, but just giving an impression.

STATUS: Declined.

Mushroom-Top-Pop-Scratch.wav (20.5 KB)


Mushroom Footsteps.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Mushroom-Footstep2.wav (29.0 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep3.wav (20.9 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep4.wav (22.9 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep5.wav (28.6 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep6.wav (25.5 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep7.wav (20.9 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep8.wav (21.2 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep9.wav (20.9 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep10.wav (21.5 KB)

Mushroom-Footstep11.wav (21.7 KB)


A mushroom ripping its own head off.


A mushroom taking its top off.

There. Much better.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Mushroom-Rip1.wav (28.1 KB)

Mushroom-Rip2.wav (18.1 KB)


oh my :o


Another stab at an antiquated clock ticking.

ClockAntiqueLoop2.ogg (259.6 KB)


The same, with boosted gain.

clockantiqueloop3.ogg (274.5 KB)


Some creakage for the new bridges that tip and fall.

I got mixed up with my naming scheme; if the base creaking sounds are to your liking I’ll differentiate the directions by making them shift back and forth in stereo.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Platform-Creak-LR1.wav (106.1 KB)

Platform-Creak-LR2.wav (148.4 KB)

Platform-Creak-LR3.wav (172.9 KB)

Platform-Creak-LR4.wav (188.4 KB)

Platform-Creak-RL1.wav (163.1 KB)

Platform-Creak-RL2.wav (156.1 KB)


Another potential footstep for a giant creature made of rock walking on a dirt surface.

STATUS: Declined.

Rock-Monster-Footfall2.wav (37.1 KB)


Another shot for those platforms in Milgram’s Castle that jut out of the background, then retract after a short period.

In case of confusion, “Out” is for when they appear, and “In” is for when they disappear.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Platform-Slide-In1.wav (64.8 KB)

Platform-Slide-In2.wav (72.1 KB)

Platform-Slide-In3.wav (76.3 KB)

Platform-Slide-In4.wav (76.0 KB)

Platform-slide-out1.wav (71.6 KB)

Platform-Slide-Out2.wav (82.1 KB)

Platform-Slide-Out3.wav (81.1 KB)

Platform-Slide-Out4.wav (61.3 KB)


Trying out more stuff for the giant swinging chains (attached to spiky balls and platforms).

STATUS: Declined.

Chain-Swing1.wav (110.1 KB)

Chain-Swing2.wav (90.1 KB)

Chain-Swing3.wav (130.1 KB)

Chain-Swing4.wav (126.6 KB)

Chain-Swing5.wav (122.1 KB)


Another sound of mushrooms regrowing their caps that takes into account the pressure it seems to demand of them.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle1.wav (79.4 KB)

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle2.wav (70.1 KB)

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle3.wav (74.5 KB)

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle4.wav (72.4 KB)

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle5.wav (45.1 KB)


Just noticed I forgot to cut the excess buzz out of number two.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Mushroom-Pop-Top-Struggle2.wav (74.9 KB)


A loop for a pot of water boiling over a gas stove.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Boiling-Pot.ogg (147.2 KB)


I know this is a long shot… but my all-time favorite archetypal comical sound is “Elegant bird suddenly placed in an undignified predicament vocally expresses his displeasure regarding his newfound situation.” It beats the hell out of “Offscreen cat is afraid of unseen noisy commotion” any day.

I would love if any of these sounds were to be played whenever Frogatto swallows a finch.

But… I totally understand if that’s not the direction we’re headed.

STATUS: Awesome.

Bird-Surprised1.wav (76.1 KB)

Bird-Surprised2.wav (65.5 KB)

Bird-Surprised3.wav (76.1 KB)

Bird-Surprised4.wav (47.1 KB)

Bird-Surprised5.wav (39.1 KB)

Bird-Surprised6.wav (30.1 KB)

Bird-Surprised7.wav (40.1 KB)


Lol, yeah, we’re not going in that direction ;D

On another topic, where again was that file that had the implementation/vetting status on (many/most of) these sound effects? I can’t seem to be able to find it again :-\


Thrown Mushroom Caps hitting a wall.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Mushroom-Cap-Impact1.wav (11.4 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact2.wav (13.1 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact3.wav (18.6 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact4.wav (10.6 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact5.wav (14.4 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact6.wav (11.1 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact7.wav (14.8 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact8.wav (13.3 KB)

Mushroom-Cap-Impact9.wav (14.1 KB)


[quote=“marcavis, post:198, topic:304”]Lol, yeah, we’re not going in that direction ;D

On another topic, where again was that file that had the implementation/vetting status on (many/most of) these sound effects? I can’t seem to be able to find it again :-[/quote]

I don’t remember there being a file. At the time, I manually edited all the forum posts to specify whether the contained sounds had been implemented yet.