Action Jack's sound effect thread


Hey y’all!

Here was a sound effect I recorded for an enemy who didn’t turn out to be wearing a helmet after all. But it’s a pretty generic metal bonk (with some water added for a little cartoonish distortion), so it may come in handy somewhere else.


Metal Bonk.aiff (797.2 KB)


Right then, next I’ve got a couple of light whooshes. I was thinking they might be useful for the cats with spears.

Foil Whooshes.aiff (336.2 KB)


Aaand, here’s an option for bubbles popping underwater.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Bubbles Popping.aiff (263.2 KB)


Here are a few more whooshes, a little lighter than before. I’m trying to get a sound for the rapid flipping those beetle guys in the cave make when they jump. The last three whooshes (the softest ones) are what I think they should sound like, but I figured I’d throw in some sharp ones while I had the spatula out.

Light whooshes.aiff (846.2 KB)


Woosh, nice work. 8)
Here’s my addition, attached below. They came out a little tiny for my tastes, but some might be decent.

Wooden (177.1 KB)


Damn dude, nice chops.

Here’s a possibility for the fireballs shot by the hoppers.

Fireball Take 2.aiff (555.0 KB)


Frogatto needs a sound for when he’s sliding down a wall, pre-wall-jump.

I tried to get a universal one here, but I could potentially do more for various surfaces.

Wall Slide 1.aiff (136.2 KB)

Wall Slide 2.aiff (163.2 KB)

Wall Slide 3.aiff (166.2 KB)

Wall Slide 4.aiff (162.2 KB)


More wall slides!

Wall Slide 5.aiff (122.2 KB)

Wall Slide 6.aiff (142.2 KB)

Wall Slide 7.aiff (128.2 KB)

Wall Slide 8.aiff (131.2 KB)


Thanks for taking a stab at misc sfx. We definitely could use help on this front. We are actually trying to get a sound effect for feet slapping wet cement. Something subtle and yet clear. Thanks for all your help


Well, it just so happens I dragged a giant rock in off the street two years ago and was just waiting for it to come in handy.

Some of them came out heavier than others, so I’ll divide them accordingly. Perhaps for walking/running.

I’ve got more, it was just getting a little tedious turning them into a bunch of different files so if these are what you’re looking for I can keep them coming.

Here are the heavier ones:

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Stone Step 1.aiff (44.2 KB)

Stone Step 2.aiff (52.2 KB)

Stone Step 3.aiff (41.2 KB)

Stone Step 4.aiff (52.2 KB)

Stone Step 5.aiff (41.2 KB)

Stone Step 6.aiff (37.2 KB)

Stone Step 7.aiff (36.2 KB)

Stone Step 8.aiff (43.2 KB)


And the lighter ones.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Stone Step Soft 1.aiff (34.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 2.aiff (37.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 3.aiff (29.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 4.aiff (29.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 5.aiff (25.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 6.aiff (30.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 7.aiff (34.2 KB)

Stone Step Soft 8.aiff (17.2 KB)


Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:


Okay, next up is Milgram Bunny. I’ve got a metallic windup sound for when he cocks his arm back and a metallic releasing sound for when he throws.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Milgram Bunny Windup 1.aiff (40.2 KB)

Milgram Bunny Throw Take 2.aiff (27.2 KB)


Here are some chain sounds for those giant spiked balls in Milgram’s Castle. I don’t think it’ll be complete without some hefty whooshes, but here’s step one while I figure out what to do for that.

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Chain Unwind 1.aiff (73.2 KB)

Chain Unwind 2.aiff (48.2 KB)

Chain Unwind 3.aiff (90.2 KB)

Chain Rattle.aiff (198.2 KB)


Here’s a deep whoosh to go with the swinging spiky balls.

STATUS: Declined, barely audible.

Deep Whoosh 1.aiff (98.2 KB)

Deep Whoosh 2.aiff (45.2 KB)

Deep Whoosh 3.aiff (53.2 KB)

Deep Whoosh 4.aiff (66.2 KB)

Deep Whoosh 5.aiff (67.2 KB)

Deep Whoosh 6.aiff (84.2 KB)


I just remembered I’ve got an old sound I recorded awhile ago that may be of use to you. I picture it being used for the blocks that slide in and out of the wall.

I’ll just leave the whole thing intact so you can edit it for length, since I don’t have any other takes nor the props on hand to re-record it.

STATUS: Already used something different for this need.

Cinderblock Drag.aiff (454.1 KB)


You have been busy! :smiley:




Here’s something I’m working on for the teleporters. This should do well to accompany the gathering of particles. It may need some editing for proper timing, but this oughta give you an idea of what I’m thinking here.

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Teleporter Chargeup.aiff (200.2 KB)


I’m focusing next on the Starburst Shooting Flowers in the swamp area. They’re gonna need a lot of different sounds, so let’s do this one at a time.

First, they scrunch down in preparation to shoot their projectile. I see two ways to do this. First, I’ll start with the simpler one.

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Starburst Scrunch 1.aiff (54.2 KB)

Starburst Scrunch 2.aiff (39.2 KB)

Starburst Scrunch 3.aiff (38.2 KB)

Starburst Scrunch 4.aiff (44.2 KB)

Starburst Scrunch 5.aiff (42.2 KB)

Starburst Scrunch 6.aiff (53.2 KB)