Action Jack's sound effect thread


The other option is the same, but with an added gruesome stretching sound.

Sorted for your convenience, here are the subtler takes…

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Starburst Stretch 1.aiff (70.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 5.aiff (65.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 9.aiff (53.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 13.aiff (49.2 KB)


…the creepy chirpy ones…

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Starburst Stretch 6.aiff (64.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 10.aiff (56.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 11.aiff (54.2 KB)

Starburst Stretch 14.aiff (54.2 KB)


…and I guess I’m going to leave it at that for now.

Anyway, next the starburst spits a ball of water into the air. Here are some takes for that.

(take 3 was re-appropriated for the next sound)

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Starburst Spit 1.aiff (25.2 KB)

Starburst Spit 2.aiff (26.2 KB)

Starburst Spit 4.aiff (29.2 KB)

Starburst Spit 5.aiff (23.4 KB)


Then, the ball of water explodes into a scatter of little droplets.

(note that these takes are all very different from each other, as they’re just the most violent cuts of whatever weird stuff I did with this water)

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Starburst Burst.aiff (30.2 KB)

Starburst Burst 2.aiff (27.2 KB)

Starburst Burst 3.aiff (37.2 KB)

Starburst Burst 4.aiff (31.2 KB)


And finally, tiny drips of liquid spatter the surrounding area.

I wanted there to be a lot of variety since this sound will get played so many times at once.

(#4’s missing because it turned out to not actually have a droplet sound. Oops)

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Starburst Drip 1.aiff (11.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 2.aiff (10.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 3.aiff (10.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 7.aiff (16.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 5.aiff (5.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 6.aiff (9.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 8.aiff (9.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 9.aiff (8.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 10.aiff (8.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 11.aiff (9.2 KB)


Nope, still more.

(and there’s more if you want it, but I’d bet that’s quite enough)

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Starburst Drip 12.aiff (10.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 13.aiff (9.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 14.aiff (12.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 15.aiff (7.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 16.aiff (31.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 17.aiff (7.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 18.aiff (7.2 KB)

Starburst Drip 19.aiff (11.2 KB)


You’ve been busy! Thanks, man. 8)


All right friends, now that The Action Jack Foley Campaign is in full swing, it’s time to turn my attention toward the best enemy EVER, Ninja Kitty.

To start, a few sharp, faint footsteps.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Ninja Kitty Footstep 1.aiff (10.9 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 2.aiff (6.3 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 3.aiff (8.5 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 4.aiff (10.1 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 5.aiff (9.0 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 6.aiff (5.5 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 7.aiff (8.4 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 8.aiff (11.6 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 9.aiff (8.1 KB)

Ninja Kitty Footstep 10.aiff (6.6 KB)


Okay, I… need to actually find Ninja Kitty again before I can make more sounds for him :-[

In the meantime, I found the Milgram Slab! We’ll start with some heavy footsteps…

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Milgram Slab Footstep 1.aiff (29.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 2.aiff (24.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 3.aiff (28.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 4.aiff (26.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 5.aiff (28.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 6.aiff (27.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 7.aiff (27.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 8.aiff (24.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 9.aiff (27.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Footstep 10.aiff (26.2 KB)


…and a smash. This is the same sound, but with different effects on it.

Careful, they’re LOUD.

STATUS: Implemented in-game (well, one of them).

Milgram Slab Smash (Normal).aiff (51.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Smash (Echo).aiff (77.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Smash (Decimated).aiff (51.2 KB)


We should probably have a sound for him picking himself up off the floor.

STATUS: Implemented in-game (well, one of them).

Milgram Slab Lift Long.aiff (89.2 KB)

Milgram Slab Lift Short.aiff (55.2 KB)


Here’s something for the trapdoors.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Trapdoor Open 1.aiff (47.2 KB)

Trapdoor Open 2.aiff (47.2 KB)

Trapdoor Open 3.aiff (43.2 KB)

Trapdoor Close 1.aiff (39.2 KB)

Trapdoor Close 2.aiff (44.2 KB)

Trapdoor Close 4.aiff (28.2 KB)


Okay, back to Ninja Kitty. Here’s an idea for his shuriken hitting a stone wall.

STATUS: Implemented in-game (needs volume adjustment).

Shuriken Hits Stone 1.aiff (42.6 KB)

Shuriken Hits Stone 2.aiff (30.2 KB)

Shuriken Hits Stone 3.aiff (45.7 KB)

Shuriken Hits Stone 4.aiff (44.7 KB)

Shuriken Hits Stone 5.aiff (34.7 KB)


Jack these are exactly the type of effects that we were needing. We appreciate all your hard work and will try to put it to good use!


Sounds more like what I think they’d sound like when they hit the ground after being spat.


Messing around with an Equalizer to try to get the sound of Sword Kitty hitting a wall.

Also used the same bass boost on DDR’s earlier recording for the heck of it.

STATUS: Declined, presently not allocated.

Sword Hits Wood (Bass).wav (4.9 KB)

DDR’s Axe (Bass).wav (2.4 KB)


Re-uploading all previous .wav’s that turned out to be the wrong KIND of .wav’s.

STATUS: Implemented in-game (smoke bombs).
STATUS: Still deliberating (enemy squish and pop).

Smoke Bomb Throw 1.wav (50.1 KB)

Smoke Bomb Throw 2.wav (62.1 KB)

Smoke Bomb Throw 3.wav (58.6 KB)

Smoke Bomb Throw 4.wav (59.6 KB)

Smoke Seeping 1.wav (108.1 KB)

Smoke Seeping 2.wav (82.1 KB)

Smoke Seeping 3.wav (114.6 KB)

Enemy Pop.wav (20.6 KB)

Enemy Squish Louder.wav (57.1 KB)


All right, another attempt at the teleporter chargeup. As with Milgram Slab Smash, same sound, many different effects.

STATUS: Declined, not presently allocated.

Teleporter (Phaser).wav (256.8 KB)

Teleporter (Waves).wav (256.8 KB)


And these.

STATUS: Declined, not presently allocated.

Teleporter (Decimated Fade-in).wav (256.8 KB)

Teleporter (Multi-Distort).wav (256.8 KB)


I’ve got a cartoonish arrow-getting-stuck-in-a-wall noise. With all the fuss we’ve had over getting the right sound for sword kitty embedding his sword in the wall, it might do us some good there.

I’ve also got the same noise on a different surface, which made more bass. Might as well give you that too.

STATUS: One doorstop rumble used for sword kitty, remainder not allocated.

Doorstop Spring 1.wav (46.6 KB)

Doorstop Spring 2.wav (30.6 KB)

Doorstop Spring 3.wav (48.1 KB)

Doorstop Spring 4.wav (44.6 KB)

Doorstop Rumble 1.wav (71.6 KB)

Doorstop Rumble 2.wav (75.6 KB)

Doorstop Rumble 3.wav (60.1 KB)