Action Jack's sound effect thread


Since we’re sparing no expense on Ninja Kitty, I’ve got a fabric rustle for when he pulls out his shuriken.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Fabric Rustle Quick 1.wav (30.6 KB)

Fabric Rustle Quick 2.wav (26.6 KB)

Fabric Rustle Quick 3.wav (21.6 KB)

Fabric Rustle Quick 4.wav (26.6 KB)


Some flapping wings, perhaps for… Birdpurple? Beaksworth? Dr. Flappington? Nesticles? Eggwin?

Wing Flap 1.wav (28.6 KB)

Wing Flap 2.wav (24.1 KB)

Wing Flap 3.wav (25.6 KB)

Wing Flap 4.wav (30.1 KB)

Wing Flap 5.wav (36.6 KB)


Oh yeah? Well, how’s THIS for a pop? :stuck_out_tongue:

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Enemy Explode.wav (20.6 KB)


Got a little silly with my voice and a pitch-changer, and wound up with the cries of a few enemies who are just not too happy about their predicament.

I notice there’s a little thump in the middle of two of these. I’d do them better if I thought you were remotely interested in using them.

STATUS: Incredibly silly.

Enemy Vocal Distaste 2.wav (52.1 KB)

Enemy Vocal Distaste 3.wav (67.6 KB)

Enemy Vocal Distaste 4.wav (84.1 KB)


Here are some plastic popping sounds. Since I’m told Milgram’s creations are made of plastic, they could come in handy.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Plastic Pop 1.wav (21.1 KB)

Plastic Pop 2.wav (26.1 KB)

Plastic Pop 3.wav (22.1 KB)

Plastic Pop 4.wav (27.6 KB)

Plastic Pop 5.wav (24.6 KB)

Plastic Pop 6.wav (29.6 KB)


And one of a smaller, more brittle enemy being crushed.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Enemy Crunch 1.wav (25.1 KB)


All right, well, a few more critters that are just not enjoying that humble pie they’ve been served.

STATUS: Incredibly silly.

Enemy Vocal Distaste 5.wav (52.1 KB)

Enemy Vocal Distaste 6.wav (75.6 KB)

Enemy Vocal Distaste 7.wav (76.6 KB)




Got a longer loop of flips for the Hoppers, so you don’t have to keep playing the sound over and over again while they’re in the air.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Hopper Flips.wav (195.1 KB)


Got some sounds for the spikebugs doing their spikeblossom attack. The first two takes are a little heavier, the last one’s smoother.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Spikebug Blossoming 1.wav (25.1 KB)

Spikebug Blossoming 2.wav (22.6 KB)

Spikebug Blossoming 3.wav (19.1 KB)


And of course, the spikes going back into the shell. Again, the first two are a bit more coarse, the others are smoother.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Spikebug Retracting 1.wav (22.6 KB)

Spikebug Retracting 2.wav (23.6 KB)

Spikebug Retracting 3.wav (19.6 KB)

Spikebug Retracting 4.wav (18.1 KB)


Since you people can’t seem to get enough whooshes, I figured I’d pad the ranks.

Medium Whoosh 1.wav (21.6 KB)

Medium Whoosh 2.wav (22.6 KB)

Medium Whoosh 3.wav (20.6 KB)

Medium Whoosh 4.wav (22.1 KB)

Medium Whoosh 5.wav (21.8 KB)

Medium Whoosh 6.wav (18.8 KB)

Medium Whoosh 7.wav (25.3 KB)


The falling stalact… stalagm… uh, cave spikes need an audio cue to warn the player of their falling.

I suggest these.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Cave Spike Break 1.wav (28.3 KB)

Cave Spike Break 2.wav (28.1 KB)

Cave Spike Break 3.wav (23.6 KB)

Cave Spike Break 4.wav (32.1 KB)


Here are a few from me.
I can do SFX too!

wood (272.5 KB)


Okay, playing around in Bfxr, I made an alert noise that could play when the kitties find Frogatto (and the little white cloud appears over their head).

EDIT: Hm, I can’t seem to actually open the file I saved. Here’s… a link?

DOUBLE EDIT: That’s the weirdest-looking link I’ve ever pasted.

STATUS: Declined.

Kitty Alert.wav (82 Bytes)


Saving seems to work fine, here… I’ve attached the resulting wav.

Paste6.wav (34.7 KB)


All right, experimenting with layering sounds for Sword Kitty embedding his sword in the wood. May need some timing adjustment.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Sword Kitty Embed Mark 1.wav (60.1 KB)


Sword Kitty should also make a creaking sound each time he tries to pull his sword out of the wall.

Here’s my first try. I can probably do better though.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Sword Kitty Pull.wav (39.3 KB)


Frogatto might do well with a classical “plummet” sound as he falls to his death. Two such candidates.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Long fall 1.wav (234.1 KB)

Long Fall (Totes Long).wav (354.4 KB)


Little more bfxr-play. This one’s for when kitties charge up their gun in preparation to shoot.

I didn’t realize at the time that there was a volume slider on bfxr, so this might be a little loud. Be forewarned.

STATUS: Liked, but used different sound. Not presently allocated.

Kitty Chargeup Shot.wav (94.1 KB)