Action Jack's sound effect thread



STATUS: Potentially useful for another purpose, but outclassed by the sounds below.

Jellyfish-Squish1.wav (31.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish2.wav (66.9 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish3.wav (65.0 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish4.wav (24.8 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish5.wav (77.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish6.wav (44.1 KB)


Some more jellyfish mushroom squishes, on the subtler side.

STATUS: Some implemented for the spawning of jellyfish, but none for their movements.

Jellyfish-Squish7.wav (23.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish8.wav (18.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish9.wav (29.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish10.wav (16.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish11.wav (21.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish12.wav (18.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish13.wav (20.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish14.wav (22.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish15.wav (12.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squish16.wav (20.1 KB)


Moth dust? Moth dust.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Mothdust-Sprinkle2.wav (71.3 KB)


Yes. Moth Dust.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Mothdust-Sprinkle11.wav (75.1 KB)

Mothdust-Sprinkle10.wav (68.1 KB)

Mothdust-Sprinkle9.wav (63.4 KB)

Mothdust-Sprinkle8.wav (76.1 KB)


A different jellyfish sound. Spawning, or being jumped on? You decide.

STATUS: Declined.

Jellyfish-Squick1.wav (55.1 KB)

Jellyfish-Squick2.wav (53.1 KB)


Grr! I’m a slab and I’m heavy!

STATUS: Declined.

Slab-Grunt1.wav (94.1 KB)

Slab-Grunt2.wav (175.1 KB)


I’m a heavy slab and I’m jumping!

STATUS: STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented. May need to wait until the Milgram Slab’s behavior is changed.

Slab-Hop1.wav (23.1 KB)

Slab-Hop2.wav (30.1 KB)


A little more experimentation with a lighter version of Milgram Slab jumping. There’s a fair deal of variance here; 1, 3, and 4 are a little louder than the others.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Slab-Move1.wav (39.1 KB)

Slab-Move2.wav (34.1 KB)

Slab-Move3.wav (33.1 KB)

Slab-Move4.wav (42.1 KB)

Slab-Move5.wav (25.1 KB)

Slab-Move6.wav (25.1 KB)

Slab-Move7.wav (26.1 KB)

Slab-Move9.wav (19.9 KB)

Slab-Move10.wav (35.1 KB)


If that isn’t the direction we are headed, then this project should be canned immediately! Best damn audio design. EVAR


A loop for water running through pipes.

PipesWaterLoop.ogg (71.0 KB)


All right… a little something for that fancy new Secret-of-Mana-esque death animation we have, where the enemy turns into bones.

Since the bones seem to bounce independently of one another, I did some “bone-bouncing” sounds. Put all together, this should sound like the rattling you’d hear in Secret of Mana.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Death-Bone-Rattle2.wav (24.6 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle3.wav (32.9 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle4.wav (28.3 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle5.wav (21.3 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle6.wav (22.1 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle7.wav (28.7 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle8.wav (29.1 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle9.wav (21.1 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle10.wav (29.1 KB)

Death-Bone-Rattle11.wav (20.1 KB)


Okay, looks like we’ve opened a can of “particles-scattering-sound” worms.

Here’s gravel.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Collide-Gravel1.wav (18.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel2.wav (19.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel3.wav (18.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel4.wav (31.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel5.wav (31.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel6.wav (27.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel7.wav (20.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel8.wav (23.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel9.wav (19.1 KB)

Collide-Gravel10.wav (17.1 KB)


And here are slightly bigger rocks.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Collide-Rock1.wav (11.1 KB)

Collide-Rock2.wav (17.1 KB)

Collide-Rock3.wav (18.1 KB)

Collide-Rock4.wav (16.1 KB)

Collide-Rock5.wav (17.1 KB)

Collide-Rock6.wav (19.1 KB)

Collide-Rock7.wav (26.1 KB)

Collide-Rock8.wav (19.1 KB)


And for pieces of a wooden crate.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Collide-Wood1.wav (30.1 KB)

Collide-Wood2.wav (16.1 KB)

Collide-Wood3.wav (16.1 KB)

Collide-Wood4.wav (11.1 KB)

Collide-Wood5.wav (16.1 KB)

Collide-Wood6.wav (18.1 KB)

Collide-Wood7.wav (15.1 KB)

Collide-Wood8.wav (14.1 KB)

Collide-Wood9.wav (15.1 KB)

Collide-Wood10.wav (20.1 KB)


And pieces of metal.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Collide-Metal1.wav (58.1 KB)

Collide-Metal2.wav (46.1 KB)

Collide-Metal3.wav (55.1 KB)

Collide-Metal4.wav (65.1 KB)

Collide-Metal5.wav (64.1 KB)

Collide-Metal6.wav (58.1 KB)

Collide-Metal7.wav (69.1 KB)

Collide-Metal8.wav (42.1 KB)

Collide-Metal9.wav (59.1 KB)

Collide-Metal10.wav (71.1 KB)


All right, in response to feedback that my previous Milgram Slab Jump sounds were too heavy, I give you… feathered grunts.

STATUS: Liked, but Milgram Slab doesn’t presently have the move that this sound was meant to accompany.

Milgram-Slab-Hop1.wav (29.1 KB)

Milgram-Slab-Hop2.wav (37.1 KB)

Milgram-Slab-Hop3.wav (26.1 KB)

Milgram-Slab-Hop4.wav (38.1 KB)


Chains? Chains!

For the love of goodness, please chains.

STATUS: Undecided, but maybe they’re chains.

Chain-Rattle1.wav (70.1 KB)

Chain-Rattle2.wav (59.6 KB)

Chain-Rattle3.wav (62.1 KB)

Chain-Rattle4.wav (73.1 KB)

Chain-Rattle5.wav (70.1 KB)


Trying some stuff out for the Mushroom boss’s suction attack.

STATUS: Mushroom boss probably isn’t gonna have a suction attack.

Mushroom-Boss-Suction-Test1.wav (152.1 KB)

Mushroom-Boss-Suction-Test2.wav (182.1 KB)

Mushroom-Boss-Suction-Test3.wav (322.1 KB)



Knife-Brandish1.wav (167.1 KB)


Experimenting with the sounds of plant destruction.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Death-Plant-Short1.wav (32.1 KB)

Death-Plant-Short2.wav (36.1 KB)

Death-Plant-Short3.wav (47.1 KB)

Death-Plant-Short4.wav (38.1 KB)

Death-Plant-Short5.wav (43.1 KB)

Death-Plant-Short6.wav (37.1 KB)