Action Jack's sound effect thread


Some vocal experiments for the Mushroom Boss.

mushroom-boss-hurt.wav (101.9 KB)

mushroom-boss-growl.wav (126.1 KB)

mushroom-boss-death.wav (210.4 KB)


Operation: voiceovers that don’t have any actual words begins its experimental phase. Target 1: Village elder.

voice-elder-angry1.wav (61.1 KB)

voice-elder-angry2.wav (82.1 KB)

voice-elder-angry3.wav (69.1 KB)

voice-elder-angry4.wav (68.1 KB)

voice-elder-laugh1.wav (89.1 KB)

voice-elder-laugh2.wav (83.1 KB)

voice-elder-laugh3.wav (88.1 KB)

voice-elder-pensive1.wav (80.1 KB)

voice-elder-pensive2.wav (103.1 KB)

voice-elder-pensive3.wav (46.1 KB)


More elderliness.

voice-elder-scared1.wav (46.1 KB)

voice-elder-scared2.wav (58.1 KB)

voice-elder-scared3.wav (71.1 KB)

voice-elder-scared4.wav (72.1 KB)

voice-elder-cough-once.wav (27.1 KB)


Another stab at voice clips for the village elder.

voice-elder-angry5.wav (36.1 KB)

voice-elder-angry6.wav (55.1 KB)

voice-elder-story3.wav (116.1 KB)

voice-elder-story4.wav (74.1 KB)

voice-elder-laugh4.wav (62.1 KB)

voice-elder-laugh5.wav (71.1 KB)


Just realized we haven’t greenlit a scared emote for the elder yet. Here are a few more…

voice-elder-scared5.wav (83.1 KB)

voice-elder-scared6.wav (73.1 KB)


I found a cool sound for an unspeakable abomination lurking in the darkness. I can make more variants of this if we find a place for it. Perhaps for the mushroom boss?

lurking-horror1.wav (435.6 KB)


I will admit, I really wouldn’t like to hear that in a darkened industrial space.


Looking for a non-vocal sound for mushroom boss’s projectiles.

mushroom-boss-spore-shot2.wav (40.1 KB)

mushroom-boss-spore-shot1.wav (39.1 KB)


Cues we need for the Moth Boss:
1] laying an egg (this happens in midair; the egg drops, and then hatches on the ground)
2] an egg hatching into a baby moth
3] the moth boss firing a mega-shot (think 2x the size of the big moths)
4] one of these mega-shots splitting into a 3-way small shot
5] some big, big wing-flapping noises

6] The possibly tough one is going to be a sudden, brutal gust of wind - he uses a wind attack to try and knock you off the fight platform.


Okay, some moth boss wing flaps and maybe a nice li’l wind gust.

moth-boss-wing-flap1.wav (42.1 KB)

moth-boss-wing-flap2.wav (46.1 KB)

moth-boss-wing-flap3.wav (52.8 KB)

moth-boss-wing-flap4.wav (42.9 KB)

moth-boss-wing-flap5.wav (55.9 KB)

moth-boss-wind.wav (552.1 KB)


A mutation of prior wind sound.

moth-boss-wind2.wav (552.1 KB)


And another.

moth-boss-wind3.wav (552.1 KB)


Okay then, this one.

moth-boss-wind4.wav (552.1 KB)


Here’s a stab at some nonverbal vocals for Frogatto.

I welcome opinions from anyone and everyone. We need something that characterizes him, but doesn’t get annoying after you hear it repeatedly. We have more room to experiment with vocals for other characters, but these need to be perfect.

frogatto-thoughtful1.wav (52.1 KB)

frogatto-interested1.wav (92.1 KB)

frogatto-disgusted1.wav (55.1 KB)

frogatto-angry1.wav (62.1 KB)

frogatto-indecisive1.wav (104.1 KB)


I like the first one best, I think, but they’re all pretty good. I think you’ve captured him pretty well. :smiley:

I’m just not sure if we should have vocalizations at all. They might be nice cues, but it might also be strange to have the talk animation playing on after the cue.

Just my 2?, though.


Creepy-ass falling sound.

long-fall-reverb.wav (812.6 KB)


Some candidates for huge metal thunks when unexploded bombshells hit the pavement.

bomb-clunk1.wav (28.1 KB)

bomb-clunk2.wav (21.8 KB)

bomb-clunk3.wav (19.8 KB)

bomb-clunk4.wav (42.4 KB)

bomb-clunk5.wav (25.7 KB)

bomb-clunk6.wav (60.6 KB)

bomb-clunk7.wav (16.1 KB)

bomb-clunk8.wav (26.1 KB)

bomb-clunk-reverb.wav (178.3 KB)

bomb-clunk-reverb-light.wav (77.1 KB)