Action Jack's sound effect thread


Background noise for the kitty factory.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Factory-Hammer1.wav (644.6 KB)


And another, since they were too large to fit in the same forum post.


-Frogatto’s number one occupier of hard disk space.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Factory-Hammer2.wav (696.6 KB)


Okay, more cave drips.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Cave-Drip2.wav (172.6 KB)

Cave-Drip3.wav (219.4 KB)

Cave-Drip4.wav (179.9 KB)

Cave-Drip5.wav (154.8 KB)


Miscellaneous metal pounding noise for the factory.

I could also see this being used for those spiky crushing apparatuses.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Factory-Pound.wav (564.6 KB)


Some slides for a solid wooden floor.

Hardwood-slide1.wav (41.1 KB)

Hardwood-Slide2.wav (36.1 KB)

Hardwood-Slide3.wav (41.1 KB)

Hardwood-Slide4.wav (31.1 KB)

Hardwood-Slide5.wav (23.9 KB)


Another roomtone.

OpenWindowCityNight.ogg (203.6 KB)


Playing around a little bit trying to get the sound of moth dust. Since, you know, the real sound of mothdust falling is inaudible to human ears.

Here’s my first try. I’d appreciate any feedback.

Mothdust1.wav (80.1 KB)


By request, another enemy crunch sound.

Enemy-Crunch2.wav (92.0 KB)


So… I thought the shooting plants were shooting seeds. Apparently it’s pollen, but here you go anyway!

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Seed-Fall1.wav (20.1 KB)

Seed-fall2.wav (19.1 KB)

Seed-fall3.wav (24.1 KB)

Seed-fall5.wav (18.1 KB)


Another enemy crunch sound. A little different from the previous one, but maybe it could be used for a different enemy crunch.

Enemy-Crunch3.wav (12.3 KB)


An offering for enemies burning to death.

So… a burnt offering.

Death-Burn1.wav (97.1 KB)

Death-Burn2.wav (92.1 KB)

Death-Burn3.wav (105.1 KB)

Death-Burn4.wav (108.1 KB)

Death-Burn5.wav (97.1 KB)


More burnt offerings. These are all a bit variant in length and rhythm; I can do more like any of them.

Burn-Candidate1.wav (71.7 KB)

Burn-Candidate2.wav (135.6 KB)

Burn-Candidate3.wav (172.6 KB)

Burn-Candidate4.wav (126.1 KB)


These are like the previous Mothdust attempt, but a little more pronounced.

Mothdust2.wav (73.6 KB)

Mothdust3.wav (62.1 KB)

Mothdust4.wav (72.1 KB)

Mothdust5.wav (66.3 KB)

Mothdust6.wav (69.6 KB)


Hey! Remember Moth Dust?

No? Well, you should. It was just here. And it’s back again!

Moth-Dust-Again.wav (31.9 KB)


A chain rattle.

Chain-Rattle.wav (66.5 KB)


Burnt offering again.

Death-Fire.wav (121.5 KB)



Death-Fire2.wav (242.8 KB)



Death-Fire3.wav (242.8 KB)


A potential pounding sound for the vertical crushing apparatuses in Milgram’s castle, henceforth referred to as “Thwumps.”

STATUS: Declined.

Thwump-Pound1.wav (154.1 KB)


Another variant of a Thwump smash.

STATUS: Declined.

Thwump-Crush.wav (515.3 KB)