Action Jack's sound effect thread


Dirt… pirouettes?

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Dirt-Jump1.wav (23.8 KB)

Dirt-Jump2.wav (21.1 KB)

Dirt-Jump3.wav (21.6 KB)

Dirt-Jump4.wav (26.1 KB)

Dirt-Jump5.wav (25.6 KB)

Dirt-Jump6.wav (28.3 KB)

Dirt-Jump7.wav (25.3 KB)

Dirt-Jump8.wav (17.3 KB)

Dirt-Jump9.wav (31.3 KB)


Here’s a hodgepodge of miscellaneous dirt slides.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Dirt-Slide1.wav (21.8 KB)

Dirt-Slide2.wav (37.6 KB)

Dirt-Slide3.wav (42.8 KB)

Dirt-Slide4.wav (21.6 KB)


With all these moving bits of machinery, I thought some extended ratchet sounds might help with some sort of cog-based machine.

Ratchet-Heavy-Loop-Slow.wav (939.4 KB)


And a faster one.

This one was hard to do. The accompanied sound immediately followed a collision with my kneecap.

Don’t never say I didn’t sacrifice nothin’ for y’all.

Ratchet-Heavy-Loop.wav (237.4 KB)

Ratchet-Hits-Floor.wav (58.6 KB)


And have some roomtones, while you’re at it.

RoomtoneFurnace.ogg (146.2 KB)

RoomtoneFurnaceLouder.ogg (310.1 KB)

RoomtoneFurnaceSofter.ogg (209.6 KB)

Furnace-Spin-Down.wav (166.8 KB)


Right then, since we’re a little sketchy on some of the dirt footsteps, I’m going to give you the sounds at the end of the batch in case we change our minds on some of the early ones.

These were meant to be jumps, but some could fill in as runs.

Dirt-Footstep-Backup1.wav (20.4 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup2.wav (13.1 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup3.wav (18.1 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup4.wav (15.9 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup5.wav (15.9 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup6.wav (18.4 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup7.wav (19.9 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup8.wav (20.4 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup9.wav (18.9 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup10.wav (18.9 KB)


And a few more. I think 12’s a particularly good jump.

Dirt-Footstep-Backup11.wav (17.1 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup12.wav (23.4 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup13.wav (16.6 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup14.wav (18.9 KB)

Dirt-Footstep-Backup15.wav (22.1 KB)


Just a ticking loop for whenever Frogatto passes by a clock.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

ClockTickLoop.ogg (90.6 KB)


Got a launching sound, potentially an alternative for use by the machines that spawn Milgram Pods.

STATUS: Implemented in-game for Milgram BLOCK spawners.

Hollow-Metal-Launch1.wav (47.9 KB)

Hollow-Metal-Launch2.wav (43.8 KB)


Now that the Hoppers thump clumsily on the ground after jumping, they should really have a sound to match. Here are a few different possibilities.

Also, now that they’re significantly more pathetic, they might benefit from a struggling sound while they’re on their backs. These are the same sound, but “long” has some space at the end in case that helps with looping.

STATUS: Thumps implemented, but not struggles.

Hopper-Clumsy-Thump2.wav (25.1 KB)

Hopper-Clumsy-Thump3.wav (59.4 KB)

Hopper-Clumsy-Thump4.wav (30.1 KB)

Hopper-Struggle-Long.wav (33.9 KB)

Hopper-Struggle.wav (23.1 KB)


Another stab at a unique sound for Robot Kitty being damaged.

Robot-Kitty-Damaged-Again.wav (99.6 KB)


Yet another attempt for Robot Kitty being damaged.

Robot-Kitty-Damaged-Take3.wav (35.6 KB)


In AD 2012, slides were beginning.

Metal-Slide1.wav (31.1 KB)

Metal-Slide2.wav (30.1 KB)

Metal-Slide3.wav (34.6 KB)

Metal-Slide4.wav (37.6 KB)

Metal-Slide5.wav (38.6 KB)

Metal-Slide6.wav (37.6 KB)

Metal-Slide7.wav (30.1 KB)

Metal-Slide8.wav (30.6 KB)


More metal slides, this time without a footstep preceding them.

Metal-Slide-Squeaky1.wav (36.6 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky2.wav (40.1 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky3.wav (36.0 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky4.wav (40.1 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky5.wav (35.9 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky6.wav (33.6 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky7.wav (26.3 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky8.wav (30.6 KB)

Metal-Slide-Squeaky9.wav (28.1 KB)


Trying to get a heavy whoosh for the swinging platforms/spike balls that the player can actually hear.

STATUS: Not implemented, but no memory of whether they were liked.

Heavy-Whoosh6.wav (55.1 KB)


Some foliage slides. Varying lengths here, I’ve got more if we decide to only use one type.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Foliage-Slide1.wav (39.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide2.wav (38.1 KB)

Foliage-Slide3.wav (48.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide4.wav (32.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide5.wav (48.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide6.wav (39.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide7.wav (42.6 KB)

Foliage-Slide8.wav (35.1 KB)

Foliage-Slide9.wav (25.1 KB)

Foliage-Slide10.wav (55.8 KB)


Here’s one I haven’t seen before. The save outhouse door doesn’t close. And I can’t use it again until I leave the room and come back.


When I went into the cave to Crevice Village for the first time, it played “Victory” and dropped the key before I killed the guy. I reloaded my save, and it did it again. If I leave the cave out either side without killing the kitties, they disappear and don’t come back. If I didn’t use the key, it drops again with the “Victory” message.


This should be the save file with the aforementioned glitch.

save.cfg copy (49.5 KB)


Background noise of dripping for the caves.

Making this was needless complicated, so I want to be sure it works before I do more like it.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently implemented.

Cave-Drip1.wav (215.6 KB)