Action Jack's sound effect thread


Okay, another attempt at walking on a solid wooden floor.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Wood-Floor-Walk1.wav (20.1 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk2.wav (26.1 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk11.wav (25.9 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk12.wav (23.4 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk13.wav (23.8 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk14.wav (21.1 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk16.wav (26.9 KB)

Wood-Floor-Walk17.wav (20.9 KB)


An offering for the rotation of the platforms in North Tower.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Platform-rotate1.wav (74.6 KB)

Platform-rotate2.wav (79.8 KB)


And some running from the recent batch of wood floor footfalls.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Wood-Floor-Run1.wav (26.8 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run2.wav (27.1 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run3.wav (26.9 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run4.wav (23.3 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run5.wav (21.8 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run6.wav (26.6 KB)

Wood-Floor-Run7.wav (19.6 KB)


And some jumps.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Wood-Floor-Jump1.wav (27.8 KB)

Wood-Floor-Jump2.wav (25.6 KB)

Wood-floor-jump3.wav (29.1 KB)


We should probably have sliding sounds for when Frogatto changes direction mid-run. Here’s one I got from the wood floor.

I didn’t think to do more, but if you like it I can definitely get a few more instances of this.

STATUS: Liked, but not currently supported by coding.

Wood-floor-slide1.wav (28.6 KB)


All right, covering more bases for footfalls on a hollow floor (bridges, hanging platforms, etc). Meant to accompany “woodstep” (no hyphen).

Here are the runs…

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Wood-hollow-run1.wav (19.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-run2.wav (29.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-run3.wav (26.1 KB)

Wood-hollow-run4.wav (26.8 KB)

Wood-hollow-run5.wav (33.8 KB)

Wood-hollow-run6.wav (31.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-run7.wav (30.8 KB)

Wood-hollow-run8.wav (28.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-run9.wav (26.8 KB)

Wood-hollow-run10.wav (30.1 KB)


And the jumps. Hugely variant degrees of rattling, should be enough either way if you decide you only want a certain amount of rattling.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Wood-hollow-jump1.wav (35.9 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump2.wav (35.9 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump3.wav (41.9 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump4.wav (28.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump5.wav (44.6 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump6.wav (28.1 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump7.wav (44.4 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump8.wav (28.4 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump9.wav (44.4 KB)

Wood-hollow-jump10.wav (25.9 KB)


[quote=“Action Jack, post:105, topic:304”]We should probably have sliding sounds for when Frogatto changes direction mid-run. Here’s one I got from the wood floor.

I didn’t think to do more, but if you like it I can definitely get a few more instances of this.

STATUS: Liked, but not currently supported by coding.[/quote]

I’ve had a look, we’ve got a little dust cloud on line 486 of frogatto.cfg that could be fixed up. I’d just like to run it by Jetrel first. :slight_smile:


Okay, trying to get a sound for Sword Kitty jumping.

Here’s something for the beginning of his jump…

Denim-snap1.wav (73.1 KB)

Denim-snap2.wav (82.8 KB)

Denim-snap3.wav (61.6 KB)

Denim-snap4.wav (67.3 KB)

Denim-Snap5.wav (61.1 KB)


…and something for him landing.

Sword-Kitty-Land1.wav (40.8 KB)

Sword-Kitty-Land2.wav (75.1 KB)

Sword-Kitty-Land3.wav (68.9 KB)

Sword-Kitty-Land4.wav (82.1 KB)


Sword Kitty’s got a backpack that should shake a little bit when he’s in the air.

Backpack-rustle1.wav (71.1 KB)

Backpack-rustle2.wav (62.3 KB)

Backpack-rustle3.wav (79.8 KB)


I’ve also got some heavier backpack movement, this could serve as an alternative for (or supplement to) his landing noise.

Note that I did get a lighter version of this. Say the word and it’s yours.

Backpack-thump1.wav (86.3 KB)

Backpack-thump2.wav (74.3 KB)

Backpack-thump3.wav (88.1 KB)


Looking for a hopping sound for the rabbits in the forest. Whether this is for jumping or landing, you decide.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Rabbit-Hop1.wav (25.3 KB)

Rabbit-Hop2.wav (18.8 KB)

Rabbit-Hop3.wav (21.3 KB)

Rabbit-Hop4.wav (22.8 KB)

Rabbit-Hop5.wav (22.8 KB)


I also think the rabbit should have a different sound when he hops AT Frogatto.

This is the same as before, but a little more intense.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Rabbit-Hop-Strong1.wav (30.9 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong2.wav (24.6 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong3.wav (24.4 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong4.wav (26.1 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong5.wav (24.3 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong6.wav (23.1 KB)

Rabbit-Hop-Strong7.wav (27.4 KB)


I also want the rabbit to have a noise for turning around. Mostly because rabbits tend to get stuck in a vicious circle of constantly turning around, and I think a sound would make that even funnier.

I think it’s best to have it be the exact same sound every time.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Rabbit-turn3.wav (37.9 KB)


Okay, a bunch of single instances of blowing bubbles, to avoid the frustration of having to loop them.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Bubble-Blow1.wav (9.1 KB)

Bubble-Blow2.wav (13.1 KB)

Bubble-Blow3.wav (12.3 KB)

Bubble-Blow4.wav (17.1 KB)

Bubble-Blow5.wav (13.1 KB)

Bubble-Blow6.wav (20.8 KB)

Bubble-Blow7.wav (17.6 KB)

Bubble-Blow8.wav (13.6 KB)


Trying to find a sound for the Hoppers deflecting a projectile. Here’s my first idea.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Hopper-block1.wav (9.1 KB)


Okay, turning to bfxr to try to get a teleporter chargeup sound.

Teleporter2.wav (211.7 KB)


Dirt walk!

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Dirt-Walk1.wav (22.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk2.wav (20.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk3.wav (17.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk4.wav (22.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk5.wav (20.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk6.wav (23.3 KB)

Dirt-Walk7.wav (18.1 KB)

Dirt-Walk8.wav (23.3 KB)

Dirt-Walk9.wav (25.6 KB)

Dirt-Walk10.wav (23.8 KB)


Dirt run!

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Dirt-Run1.wav (21.3 KB)

Dirt-Run2.wav (22.8 KB)

Dirt-Run3.wav (24.1 KB)

Dirt-Run4.wav (21.3 KB)

Dirt-Run5.wav (19.6 KB)

Dirt-Run6.wav (20.3 KB)

Dirt-Run7.wav (18.3 KB)

Dirt-Run8.wav (20.3 KB)

Dirt-Run9.wav (15.1 KB)