Action Jack's sound effect thread


By request, ant wing ripping. You’re probably more interested in the lighter takes…

STATUS: Liked, but not yet implemented.

paper-rip-light1.wav (14.6 KB)

paper-rip-light2.wav (11.3 KB)

paper-rip-light3.wav (13.8 KB)

paper-rip-light4.wav (21.6 KB)

paper-rip-light5.wav (15.6 KB)

paper-rip-light6.wav (11.8 KB)


…but since I didn’t think of that initially, here are some much more fun heavy ones.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Paper-rip1.wav (17.0 KB)

Paper-Rip2.wav (34.6 KB)

Paper-Rip3.wav (21.8 KB)

Paper-rip4.wav (31.3 KB)


Alternative for gun kitty’s chargeups, so as to free up the fuse sound for bombs.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Flint-and-steel.wav (89.8 KB)


New bubble-popping sounds.

STATUS: Still deliberating, but super good.

bubble-pop-super-good1.wav (7.3 KB)

bubble-pop-super-good2.wav (9.6 KB)

bubble-pop-super-good3.wav (9.1 KB)

bubble-pop-super-good4.wav (9.4 KB)

bubble-pop-super-good5.wav (11.1 KB)


Since my earlier stone steps were allocated elsewhere, here are some softer ones for Frogatto. These are the “walk” ones.

I’ve got more, but these are the lightest. Hit me up if you want the others.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Stone-Walk20.wav (10.6 KB)

Stone-Walk19.wav (11.3 KB)

Stone-Walk18.wav (11.8 KB)

Stone-Walk17.wav (15.6 KB)

Stone-Walk16.wav (14.8 KB)

Stone-Walk15.wav (11.8 KB)

Stone-Walk14.wav (14.1 KB)

Stone-Walk13.wav (7.8 KB)

Stone-Walk12.wav (9.6 KB)

Stone-Walk11.wav (13.6 KB)


And, the runs.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Stone-Run1.wav (16.1 KB)

Stone-Run2.wav (11.8 KB)

Stone-Run3.wav (21.3 KB)

Stone-Run4.wav (12.3 KB)

Stone-Run5.wav (22.6 KB)

Stone-Run6.wav (21.1 KB)

Stone-Run7.wav (11.3 KB)

Stone-Run8.wav (7.3 KB)


Some sounds for Frogatto walking through foliage…

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Foliage-walk1.wav (22.3 KB)

Foliage-walk4.wav (32.8 KB)

Foliage-walk5.wav (21.1 KB)

Foliage-walk7.wav (16.3 KB)

Foliage-walk8.wav (22.6 KB)

Foliage-walk9.wav (23.8 KB)


…and running.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Foliage-run1.wav (15.3 KB)

Foliage-run2.wav (27.1 KB)

Foliage-run3.wav (31.8 KB)

Foliage-run4.wav (37.3 KB)

Foliage-run5.wav (19.3 KB)

Foliage-run6.wav (26.8 KB)

Foliage-run7.wav (28.3 KB)

Foliage-run8.wav (40.6 KB)

Foliage-run9.wav (26.1 KB)


Oh yeah, maybe some jumping too. Forgot we were doing that.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Foliage-Jump1.wav (52.1 KB)

Foliage-Jump2.wav (44.6 KB)

Foliage-Jump3.wav (65.6 KB)

Foliage-Jump4.wav (49.6 KB)

Foliage-Jump5.wav (41.1 KB)

Foliage-Jump6.wav (38.8 KB)

Foliage-Jump7.wav (32.6 KB)

Foliage-Jump8.wav (42.6 KB)


And metal jumps.

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Metal-jump1.wav (56.8 KB)

Metal-jump2.wav (50.8 KB)

Metal-jump3.wav (44.8 KB)

Metal-jump4.wav (45.3 KB)

Metal-jump5.wav (57.1 KB)

Metal-jump6.wav (61.6 KB)


All right, here’s a first attempt at walking on wood…

STATUS: Declined.

Wood-walk21.wav (13.1 KB)

Wood-walk20.wav (13.3 KB)

Wood-walk19.wav (13.3 KB)

Wood-walk18.wav (14.3 KB)

Wood-walk17.wav (14.3 KB)


Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s another shot at a wood walk.

Wood-Step1.wav (40.8 KB)

Wood-Step2.wav (41.8 KB)

Wood-Step3.wav (40.8 KB)

Wood-Step4.wav (52.3 KB)

Wood-Step5.wav (42.3 KB)

Wood-Step6.wav (15.1 KB)

Wood-Step7.wav (24.1 KB)


Grr. I’m gon’ gitcha, wood footsteps.

STATUS: Implemented in-game (for hollow wood surfaces).

Woodstep1.wav (24.3 KB)

Woodstep2.wav (18.8 KB)

Woodstep3.wav (19.8 KB)

Woodstep4.wav (23.1 KB)

Woodstep5.wav (22.1 KB)

Woodstep6.wav (17.8 KB)

Woodstep7.wav (18.8 KB)


Just some low, sustained creaks.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Creak1.wav (85.1 KB)

Creak2.wav (82.1 KB)

Creak3.wav (81.8 KB)

Creak4.wav (77.1 KB)


Arigatou, monsieur


Might be too quiet, but got a sound for the flickering lights in the kitty factory.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Light-Flicker1.wav (71.3 KB)

Light-Flicker2.wav (45.1 KB)

Light-Flicker3.wav (36.1 KB)

Light-Flicker4.wav (35.8 KB)

Light-Flicker5.wav (53.3 KB)


Here’s a loop-able bit of background noise for some kind of metal moving part.

I picture it for the metal moving platforms, but it could be adapted elsewhere.

STATUS: Liked, but not presently allocated.

Metal-squeak.wav (959.1 KB)


Those retracting spikes in Milgram’s castle could use a better extending sound.

These should be a healthy alternative.

STATUS: Implemented In-game.

Spike-Extend1.wav (126.6 KB)

Spike-Extend2.wav (101.8 KB)

Spike-Extend3.wav (132.6 KB)

Spike-Extend4.wav (114.6 KB)

Spike-Extend5.wav (131.3 KB)

Spike-Extend6.wav (109.6 KB)


I think the bouncing sounds for the Milgram Bunny’s projectiles are a little too high-pitched and clinky. I want to come up with some alternatives.

First, something similar to what he’s got now but, in my opinion, a little more pleasing to the ear…

STATUS: Implemented in-game.

Metal-Ball-Bounce1.wav (40.1 KB)

Metal-Ball-Bounce2.wav (28.6 KB)

Metal-Ball-Bounce6.wav (22.4 KB)


And here’s something a little heavier-sounding.

STATUS: Still deliberating.

Metal-Bounce-Heavy.wav (117.9 KB)