What's your favorite part of Frogatto? Least favorite?


What’s your favorite part of Frogatto?
I like the editor, myself. It is a fairly smooth experience, overall. I enjoy creating things.

What’s your least favorite part?
The load levels screen drives me nuts, in the editor. I can only see the first 30% (?).


My favorite part is world-1. It feels exactly the way I’d intended it to.

My least favorite part is some of the later-stretch in the forest and caves. Not by fault of the level itself, but due to a lack of unique puzzles and monsters, it gets to be a bit of a drag. I’m hoping to fix that in coming releases.


I also love the editor.

I dislike how hard it is to kill Kitty spearmen (might just be me).


It’s becoming overused… but it’s true: I love the level editor!

I dislike how hard it is to land where I want when I jump. When trying to jump on something (a bug or kitty, etc.) I find it difficult to land right on top of it and I usually take a lot of tries.


Editor :stuck_out_tongue:

I dislike how hard the kitty swordsman is to kill. He too me the mot tries out of all the bosses.
[size=6pt]And I hate the forum smilies!!![/size]


The sword kitty. He was the most awesome boss of them all!

The fight with Milgram. I, for one, found it disappointingly easy compared to like even the first boss. Just shoot some of the rocks at him and he’s gone.


The whole swallow-spit mechanic.

Bad hit-rects/solid areas; in the flying ants, the flying plants, and in a couple terrain tiles. All of which can be fixed pretty easily. :slight_smile:


Is it too late to change mine? :wink:


My favorite thing is the unique gameplay. It’s not just a rip-off of one of the million boring, linear, typical platformer, it’s something unique and innovative.

My least favorite thing is the main menu. I feel like a black screen with two doors and some text hardly does justice to the quality of the game. Oh yes, and I really hate the forum smileys. Is there any way they could be replaced with those from the Wesnoth forums?


My favorite thing is Frogatto’s line when meeting Milgram:

Threatening? I can do threatening!

The part I can’t really stand is the forum. I’m used to using and administrating phpBB forums and having a twisted love-hate relationship with the software. I can’t stand SMF’s default style and the smileys ? though hopefully penguin will fix that tomorrow with the archive I prepared from the Wesnoth forums’ smiley set. :slight_smile: The administration panel is also irritatingly complicated to me and I easily get lost in it.

Wait, we are talking about the game, aren’t we? :wink:

Dungeon Blocks. Full stop.


Favorite parts:
The style, music and graphics.
The hero

Least favorite part:
the wall jump, it would be easier without the tricky timing and direction; I personnalt do not see the point to need a direction, Frogatto is supposed to bounce from the wall in the other direction.
No Paypal button ?


Hmmm in the 1.0 version bouncing on enemies is much easier it seems. So I guess I have no part I dislike.


My favorite part of the game is how very playable it is. The control is tight, intuitive and easy to master quickly. 5 minutes into picking it up and playing the game, I felt we as though were long lost friends.

My least favorite part is probably the sound effects. Whoever designed most of them is a big blunder head imo. Some of the music sounds goofy… You guys need to hire Hanz Zimmer. JUST SAYIN’.

Really? I almost found the wall jumps too easy. A welcome thing b/c if would be very frustrating to pull these jumps off in tight areas without a game pad, which I lack atm.

No Paypal button ?

THIS! :smiley:


Well, I use a gamepad and the sequences where I have to bounce from one wall to another in order to escalate is always a pain, simply because I put the wrong direction for the next jump.
Removing the direction will stop breaking the flow of the gameplay.


You automatically jump off away from the wall, so in most situations you don’t have to press any arrows if you’re just going up a shaft.


Weird that’s what I expected from the start.
Then maybe I keep the direction for too long when I jump on the first wall.

The result is Frogatto doing a vertical jump instead of jumping toward the opposite wall.

I have to practice :smiley:


Awesome graphics
Great editor(didn’t use it yet, but I’ve seen screenies and I know it’s a thing I will love)
Good sounds(I usually have everything tuned down to minimnum, so I can’t hear it well, but I like the music :p)
Totally repetitive gameplay
Only one weapon(tongue)

My suggestions:
Equipable special items(so far I played) that allow to double-jump, jump higher, run faster, scale ceilings, etc.
Statistics - killed enemies, most enemies killed in a row, etc. and achievments
Maybe some more rpg elements?


I enjoy the gameplay the most, it’s unique and it’s obvious a lot of time was put into the planning. My only problem is the controls, If this is not already implemented I would like to see the ability to customize them.


[quote=“zikzak, post:14, topic:25”]Well, I use a gamepad and the sequences where I have to bounce from one wall to another in order to escalate is always a pain, simply because I put the wrong direction for the next jump.
Removing the direction will stop breaking the flow of the gameplay.[/quote]


Things I like:
Everything. This is a fantastic callback to gaming in the SNES era.

Things I dislike:
Length. Ended way too shortly, seemed like the story ended before anything interesting happened.
Of course, things take time, so I’ll wait patiently for the next release. :slight_smile:


Also, I kind of dislike how no matter how many tongue lengthen upgrades you get, Frogatto’s Upward Tongue attack remains the same length as it was at the start.