[New User]Linus21 Here!


Hello! Since we didnt have an introduction thread… ;D … I decided to introduct myself.
Hello! My name is Linus21, im famous from The game Everybodyedits.
There im famous for etc, bug fixed,game suggestions, and sounds.
Anything needed? Ask me! :slight_smile:






Thanks for welcomeing me :wink:


Lol, your famous there? It says here your banned…


I think he meant ‘infamous’.


I was just bullying a guy that bullying me :slight_smile:


And did this guy get banned as well?


Yup :slight_smile:


Hello linus, I do believe I’ve seen you on the ewo forums. You might have seen my by the name of Mr. E there. I don’t know if I should welcome you seeing as I just joined not too long ago and that would be a bit weird. A noob welcoming a noob? :o
Of course, then again, I stalked these forums for a long time before registering so that counts.

WELCOME :smiley:


Hi MR.E :D:D
ye im on ewo forum :wink:

Welcome Flammifer :wink:


One, you’re might be famous, but not for what you think you are. You’re famous for being the most stupid, idiotic person there, famous for being the person who’s been banned the most time, and for spamming porn all over the place, on the forums anyway.
On the actual game you’re just a noob who isn’t even a mod nor famous like you’re trying to be.
Also, when you try to steal a bbcode guide, it’s better to actually copy the coding as well instead of just the text.


^This. He’s been banned roughly 16 times (not exaggerated at all. He uses proxies and makes alts), he was banned for his own stupidity. He was not being picked on, the first ban, he was banned for being a nuisance. Every time after that was for ban evasion except for the few times we let him back in for a second or third chance. Of course, he screwed those up as well. He spammed porn on the forums and you guys really should ban him while you still have the chance.

im famous from The game Everybodyedits. Infamous is more like it. There im famous for etc, bug fixed,game suggestions, and sounds. The etc goes last, and you never fixed a bug, made a game suggestion, and for heaven's sakes there's only one sound in the entire game!

Fun story: He once made his own forum. He got banned from it, then it got suspended.

Fun fact: The name “Linus21” And a few variants involving characters that look the same but have different numbers have been censored to be replaced by “the one whose name shall never be spoken”


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll keep an eye on him.


I wouldn’t even give him a chance. Just ban him now and get it over with.


Don’t worry; we’re quick to ban if we don’t like someone, and it doesn’t go through a bureaucracy here, so we don’t need to worry about pre-emption. If he acts up, he’ll go.


Something’s strange here… there are 3 people here that have one or two posts, and only about this linus fellow. Is he so hated that he has people googling his username to warn people of him?


Three against “someone who must not be named”, denouncing his evil ways… I’ve read that story before, hmm.


i can guarentee you that linus is an idiot. i come from the same forum. he had an interesting story. when he first registered, he was a nuicance but it wasnt bannable. a little after he registered, he made an alt and called the creator of everybody edits gay. he was banned. during that ban, he made several alts for several reasons. ban evasion, spamming porn, impersenating others, advertising, all were banned. then after all that, one of the admins decided to give him a second chance. he screwed that chance up by posting links to lemonparty and meatspin in the forums irc. after that he made more alts and spammed even more porn. normally, i say that forum is way too strict and has terrible mods(im permabanned there), but for linus, he deserved the ban. just ban him before he messes up your forum.

(Edited by Ben to make it possibly non-offensive to younger audiences. Given that the game itself is, it would be nice if the forum at least mostly were as well.)


lol this is funny, this is the everybodyedits people. ignore them, they are just thinking they are cool ::slight_smile:

Also, i havent spammed porn :_: