Frogatto Soundtrack


Oh, heavens no, I couldn’t be offended by that! I like listening to your stuff, I was worried I wouldn’t see any more… ever. Goodness knows, I’ve been trying to find a paying gig myself, here… it wouldn’t be reasonable to ask you to keep doing free stuff for free. Good luck, Ryan, may your contracts be numerous and lucrative. :smiley:

You had me worried there!


Whew. You scared me there, man.

Yeah, frankly, you’re so far ahead of us pacing-wise that it’s crazy. Don’t ever put frogatto in front of paying the bills - you owe us nothing. We’re in your debt; so only work on this when the inspiration is there.

I’ve basically got all the music I need for 1.4, and probably 1.5 too. The only reason I make requests is just to have two heads thinking about where to go in the future, but honestly, we’re pretty well stocked.

You’re the man. ;D (and if there’s every anything I can do to help get you gigs; as a reference or whatever, please hit me up for that - I do try recommending you to anyone I know doing gamedev)




Working on this project has been a dream. The work ethic of Richard has always kept me coming back. I knew I could place my trust in him. And that sense of trust and zeal, I am hoping, was rewarded to the project on a musical end. I ain’t a walk in the park but I never skimped on effort. I expect this game to be a masterpiece. It’s in good hands.

And of course I’m not dropping ship. I am always all about frogatto!


Damn right. GO TEAM!


:o Please never do that again. Or I will scream. :o




Thanks for all your hard work on this, Ryan!

Who knows, maybe you can find a gig that pays so well you will have more time for stuff like this was well … one can dream, right? :smiley:


Time to live the dream. :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone’s support.


Uploaded again.


:smiley: Nice. I think for a variety of reasons that would normally be a knock against the piece (how it’s lacking in tempo dynamics compared to your usual work) is actually a good thing for use as a victory ‘march’. I’ll have to sit down and compare how this feels in that situation compared to some other stuff you’ve made recently.

Different goals for a given piece really seem to have different needs.


It sounds nice. Kinda reminds me of one of the Kirby games, though I can’t remember which one.
Man, we have got to make one of those OST downloads, say for $10.00 or $15.00.


[quote=“DDR, post:172, topic:114”]It sounds nice. Kinda reminds me of one of the Kirby games, though I can’t remember which one.
Man, we have got to make one of those OST downloads, say for $10.00 or $15.00.[/quote]

Do you think anyone would buy it?


Good question. :-\


Hmmm, any suggestions on a good place that I could make the tunes available for purchase?

#176 Sounds like the go-to place these days.


Bandcamp is what I use. You can charge per track or for the whole album. Highly recommend it. Also, what kind of instruments are you looking into getting for more orchestral samples? I myself use East-West stuff.


Right on. I think I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile: Thanks


BTW the sample donation page for the game you’re now working on is set up so that you have to register with them first. I don’t plan to get yet another internet account somewhere that I won’t be using and I expect this is losing you some donations.

Maybe you could change add a simple PayPal button that everybody can access?


Yes, good point - that crowdfund was planned as something for the Crystal Kingdom community to help with, I gather, so it didn’t consider people that were just us fans of the music in Frogatto :slight_smile: