For Fun


Was updating my templates a bit. I lack a cool retro progressive rock-sounding series of patches of effects and instruments for a template. Attempting to remedy that.

Here’s what I have so far.


Sounds kinda frogatto-y. :slight_smile:


It begs the question… what does frogatto-y sound like?


If we can find a place for it in frogatto moar powrrrr… May work for an area theme or a fun little cutscene.


Yeah, this could actually work well.


Cool. Rock on


This is not for frogatto. A piece I am writing for a contest.


Arrange from Zelda Alttp! Intro melody for orchestra and irish lute




What he said.




Am trying to write a few themes for the cube train game. Still some work to be done. I really like the look of the game. I look forward to seeing how the music fits in the ga


I like it! It’s cheerful. :smiley:


Oh, that’s quite nice.


I’ve wired it in. Could we try trainsongslowertempo next? I find it’s a bit fast-paced for the actual thought of building of the tracks… I think it works great for the map, though, and we could probably stand to keep it for the editor too.



How does this fit?


This is really nice. I get a real simcity vibe from this, which is crazy-appropriate. (this, without being derivative in any way of simcity’s music, just sharing the most vague ‘feeling’ with it).

I’m not quite onboard with DDR’s tempo complaints - it’s a quick tempo, but it’s light music - I don’t get a “hurry up thinkthinkthink” vibe from it, which is probably his worry.


Honestly, I just thought it might be a bit distracting to thinking.


eh. I really wanted to make the mix light enough so that it didn’t overpower the experience. That being said, I think the slower pace suits the theme better for in-game activity tbh. The slower pace should work better for building some trains!


Yeah, I agree, they’re both beautiful songs but I think the slower tempo one is leagues more apt for the puzzle-solving interface. It’s not that the regular tempo one is distracting so much as it was high-energy. Cube Trains requires thought more than reflexes and gives you all the time in the world to think. The slow tempo song is thoughtful, but still relaxing.