For Fun


are we worried this might interrupt someone’s train of thought? ::slight_smile:


I like the slower tempo version better for CT, too. (I think it does suit the pace of the game a bit better.) I’ll use it in place of the normal tempo one for now. It’s similar enough that I think I should play the two versions fairly far apart from each other… which is hard to do with just two tracks. Once I balance sound levels, I’ll have to send you a new build.

I might have to hack in some playlist tech for Frogatto, so we can have proper playlists. :wink:

Again, thank you! It’s a much better track than I could have laid hands on otherwise. I really like it!

Edit 1:
It doesn’t help that I cranked it when I played though, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2:
ActionJack, don’t you mean “still high-energy”?


:o :o :o



Don’t worry about that. Don’t change any quality of the tracks please.


No worries - with the sole exception of recompressing them as aacs/oggs, we don’t ever modify the music files themselves. Not only would it be slow and a royal pain in the ass, but I’m intimately familiar with how destructive that is to audio information. :frowning:

We, do, though, have code in the game that can play them louder or softer; we’ve added this to help balance out that problem you saw with sfx and music, so the music always gets decent exposure and can be heard.


Ah right. How does the code integrate the changes in volume?


I’m not sure how SDL_Mixer changes the volume, but I’d expect the biggest drop-off in quality to be the lossy compression of the MP3 that we download from soundcloud. Anyway, since I’ll be playing the track at full volume for now, we should have no issues on that front. 8)


LOL. This piece defies explanation. It’s kinda crazy. Someone said it reminded them a little of donkey kong country except groovier. TBH, I ttly see how the instruments and synths lend themselves to that assessment. (in terms of sounding a bit like DKC)

The composition itself is probably a little more difficult to put a finger on


That is amazing. :o


It’d be a lot better if it didn’t suck so bad in so many ways. :slight_smile: Thanks for listening.