Windows Vista 32bit, Starlit Caves crash


Hey folks,
Quick bug report. Starlit caves, which I accessed through a warp in Gnarled forest doesn’t let me go very far before the game crashes and needs to be closed. This is on a Windows vista 32 bit system. Also, in fan house, there seemed to be a few minor graphical glitches in that the air blowing particles only appearred coming out of half of the fan. I was also able to jump past the fans without turning them off, but I was unable to reproduce the action. Keep up the excellent work! Cheers!


Thanks for the bug report. I’ll keep an eye on Starlit Cave, but as I’m running Linux now I can’t really reproduce the problem to fix it. :frowning: The only thing that comes to mind is the waterfall, perhaps something went wrong with it. :confused:


Jeez, again? Starlit cave was broken before too. You are playing the latest version, right? I forget when exactly it was broken, but I think it was fixed in 1.0.3, and definitely 1.1. Oh by the way, when it crashes, do you get anything in the stderr.txt file? That could be useful. We only need the last few lines.


I am having the same problem with Win XP (SP3, + all the updates, updated drivers, etc etc…)

After entering the Starlit Cave and walking for a while, the game crashes with the error

Unknown Software Exception (0xc0000417) at 0x7858ccd5

With Frogatto v1.1.1

This is the last few lines of stderr.txt

SET STARTING CYCLES: 0 LOADED LEVEL: 07E43AF0 PLAY: 08DCF760 ambient/brook-light.ogg -> 1 mapping palette 7 mapping palette 7