Will there be a frogger type of game? I would like to see this made for Frogatto


Just a thought. Would be cool though.


Heh. Now that you mention it, that’d be a funny, but very good idea for an arcade mode.

We’d need some moderately substantial new art to do it; I’d need to make some road/water/grass art for the background, frogatto would need N-and-S walking frames (his side-on ones are small enough we could probably BS it and just use them rather than perspectivized E/W ones). In addition, I’d need some (mostly static) images of cars driving on the road. It’d be funny to have the cars driven by milgram’s cats.

So that’s a bit of a list to do it, but if I sat down for a 3-7 nights, I could probably do it. It might happen.


If it doesn’t happen then I won’t blow up or anything. 8)



Please do not blow up. That sounds messy.


You are funny. :slight_smile: