Town greeter/guard with a purpose


We might have used up our funnies in regards to interesting interactions between Frogatto and various sorts of guardsmen, and this one is potentially quite heavy on scripting but here goes:
Guard: Halt! Where are you going?
Frogatto: Right now? Two paces in front of you, more or less.
Guard: Hmm! Anyway, I’m on the lookout for suspicious characters wandering around these parts.
Frogatto: I see. Is stopping me relevant to that?
Guard: It might be.
(Camera zooms on the guard, then on Frogatto, to imply he’s staring at him - there’s an awkward silence, a few seconds of having no text on the screen)

Now, two things happen, depending on whether Frogatto has failed any of his quests, or done any funny shenanigans like bringing a wrong ant to Mortimer)
No bad karma whatsoever:
Guard: …yeah, sorry. I have no good reason to distrust you. But I’m just doing my job, you know? Please go on ahead.

Any bad karma:
Guard: …you know, you do have a look of someone who’s been up to no good lately…
[an options list of “crimes” to admit to, and “Stare back at him” as the last option]
The “Stare back at him” option should lead to another confrontation of locking eyes, followed up by “Stare harder” (unless that’s too repetitive), and finally “Pop your eye out”, which leads to:
Guard: Yikes! Just… just pass and don’t do that again.

Some crimes:
Frogatto: Fine! I admit - when my friend asked me to remove some pesky ants from her basement, I didn’t care to get the job done! Sorry.
Frogatto: Fine! I admit - I was meant to bring a rare specimen to a scientist, but I just kept teasing him with it and threw it away! Sorry. (<- if you get the juggling dialogue but don’t complete the quest)
Guard: Well, I sure can appreciate the honesty. You seem to be fine, go on ahead.