The second coming of Ralph


Ralph: You just won’t quit, will you?

(2 choices)

1: Uh-oh.
Frogatto: Hey. Look, about last time…
Ralph: Shut up.
Frogatto: Come on now, I was only trying to defend myself.
Ralph: You embarrassed me in front of my boss.
Frogatto: That certainly wasn’t my intent.
Ralph: You killed some of my friends.
Frogatto: I’m not trying to fight here!
Ralph: And now you’ve come to finish off our leader.
Frogatto: No! That’s not what I want! If you’d just let me through…
Ralph: The only part of you that’s going into that throne room is your head.
Ralph: Now hold still.

2: Hello there!
Frogatto: Good day, old friend! How have you been?
Ralph: Shut up.
Ralph: I still have a headache from the last time we met.
Ralph: I’m in no mood for this.
Frogatto: Well, if you hadn’t tried to kill me, I wouldn’t have stomped on you.
Frogatto: Are you mad that I didn’t just lay down and let you stab me?
Ralph: YES! You made me look like an idiot in front of my boss.
Frogatto: I am sorry that Milgram learned the truth about you.
Ralph: That does it. No more talk.
Ralph: Time for you to die.