The Light Green Book of Frogatto


The Light Green Book of Frogatto is a short document, made for printing as a game manual. It contains stuff like a short list of enemies, hidden hotkeys, and a page on the level editor. Very basic stuff, it is a small book. Turned out rather cute. :slight_smile:

Since the book is made for double-sided printing, it won’t be in order if you read it sequentially on your computer. Binding instructions:

[ul][li]Print image 1 on the back of image 0, making sure both images are pointed ‘up’.[/li]
[li]Fold this paper in half so the title faces out. Remember which way you folded it.[/li]
[li]Print image 3 on the back of image 2. Print image 5 on the back of image 4.[/li]
[li]Fold both pieces of paper the way you folded the first piece of paper.[/li]
[li]Put piece of paper #1 inside piece of paper #0. Put piece of paper #2 after piece of paper #1 inside piece of paper #0.[/li]
[li]Staple spine.[/li][/ul]

Download: light green
Source: light green


I think this looks pretty dang good. Not sure why this hasn’t gotten responses.


Yeah, this isn’t bad at all. :slight_smile:


Thanks, RyanReilly and Jetrel. :slight_smile:
I suspect few users -> few responses.


I like it as well, though the layout isn’t perfect yet and some content is missing.

What program is it done with?


I did this booklet with Gimp, but that really isn’t the program for this sort of thing. For my next booklet, I’m going to be using something else - something which organises the pages for me. ::slight_smile:


Verson 2 of the [glow=limegreen,0,0]Light Green Book of Frogatto[/glow] is released. See original post for download.

Changed: Added a picture of the editor. Fixed many spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.


Good job on the booklet!

One thing, though: the folding instructions could be a bit better.
If you’re still using the Gimp, here’s a tip for drawing the arrows an pages.
Most tools can draw straight lines:

  • click once for a start point then hold down shift and click for the end point
    I haven’t figured out how to do curves yet, though. :slight_smile:


Another good software you can try is Scribus. Anyway, nice work!!!