The high up fruit (coins) in Autumn Town


I’m in Autumn town, and there are three coins (or golden fruit) that I cannot reach. If I could get onto the branches, I would be able to reach them. I got onto one set of branches when a bomb-dropper knocked me onto them, but I fell off.

Thanks for the help


I was able to get the two high coins on the right side of the level.

Regarding the high squirrels, I found it easiest to hit them with a high-spit (up + s) at the crest of a jump. After you get rid of the pesky squirrels, save and try to get onto those branches.
If there was some sort of secret passage, I didn’t use it. I don’t even know if my method is what the developers intended. Just keep in mind that the branches are not level surfaces.BTW, see if the coins reappear when you reenter Autumn Town. I only got these coins twice, but I would have repeated this more if I knew the glitch would eventually fix itself.


Ah, nice that you were able to get them - I am currently unable to compile the earlier versions that had the autumn-town level, so I couldn’t actually check - did you try using the tongue to grab them? (Only works on version 1.2 and later, I believe)


I’ve restarted the game. I wouldn’t have been able to tongue the coins from below, but I couldn’t tongue them even when I was atop the branches. Anyway, I was only able to get those apples four times (8 coins) before the “glitch” (which I mentioned in beige text) fixed itself. I don’t know what triggered it to fix itself.

My steps:
-take out the squirrels
-save in Autumn Town
-get the coins
-save again (optional)
-go to the next area, take out the squirrels at the beginning of the map, and heal at the fountain
-return to the Autumn Town map with full health and a loaded projectile, and save immediately,

Through the first two or three cycles, I avoided the second, optional save. I was worried that doing a save in Autumn Town, after getting the coins, might trigger the game to recognize the glitch. Eventually, I did it anyway, and, to my fortune, the coins were still there when I came back. However, the coins finally disappeared as I went through the cycle twice or thrice more; I was only able to get them once or twice more. I didn’t notice their absence until I was upon the branches, my loot stolen by a previous visitor.

If you, the reader, try to take advantage of this, please give this thread a post. Describe your methods, and tell us the point at which the “glitch” fixed itself. My advice is to avoid saving immediately after obtaining the coins. After getting the coins, leave the map, rush back in for a save, and rush back out. Of course, make sure that the coins are still present before you save. If they do not reappear, do not save. Then you can restore your health.


Somethin’ wrong, here. :-\


Were those coins suppose to reappear multiple times, or was it a glitch? I’m playing 1.3. I don’t know if saving has any effect, I just suspected that it might.

I also found some reappearing coins in the cave, and, after several returns to the last save, I noticed that the number of times the coins would reappear depended on another factor. If you would like me to tell you about it, I can.

I was able to get 1051 coins total. I got the achievement.


The coins laying about should be one-time-only things, which disappear forever after you collect them.


Well, the only reason for coins to reappear would be when dying; when you respawn, you lose the coins that you had earned after crossing the checkpoint, and they return to the map to be collected again.


That wasn’t it. I was avoiding death for that very reason.