That weird smiling onion guy


Squip: Hey there, smile buddy! Clouds and magic to you!

1- Back at you, cheer fella!

Frogatto: Back at you, cheer fella!
Squip: Super thanks, pal! What brings you to this smile pile?
Frogatto: Just passing through, with a hop, a skip, and a jump!
Squip: Swell and splendid! Have a rainbow day!
Frogatto: Fortune and fun to you too, Mr. Friend!

2- Um… thanks?

Frogatto: Um… thanks?
Squip: Just keep your chin up and everything will be peachy keen!
Frogatto: Okay, whatever you say.
Squip: That’s the spirit, chipper chum! I believe in you!
Frogatto: Cool. I’m going now.
Squip: Onward, to magnificent adventures!

3- NO.

Frogatto: No. Just… no.
Squip: What’s wrong, mega muchacho?
Frogatto: It’s way too early for you to be coming at me with all this smile and sunshine stuff.
Squip: But it’s the middle of the day…
Frogatto: I know! It’s always too early for that much forced cheer.
Squip: Sorry pal, I was just trying to be friendly.
Frogatto: Then stick with “Hello.” When you lay it on so thickly, it’s just… cloying.
Squip: Well, excuse me for trying.
Squip: My best friend died last week.
Frogatto: Whoa. Sorry to h-
Squip: I have to put on a happy face or I’ll fall into an endless pool of misery.
Squip: So I take solace in the little things I still have.
Squip: Like a beautiful day, surrounded by good people.
Squip: And here you come, trying to take even that from me.
Squip: Just keep walking, I don’t need you.
Squip: I’ve got enough pain already.

On subsequent talks:
1 or 2-
Squip: Glimmer on, sunshine!

Frogatto: Hey there.
Squip: Go screw yourself.


:slight_smile: A rollercoaster of a guy, heh.


:I Wow, that just? in a weird way adds depth to the story, makes it seem less centered around Frogatto. I don’t know why?