TextMate bundle


I hacked together some syntax highlighting for FSON and FFL.
I hope this helps! If you want some new feature, or have a file that doesn’t work, just tell me.

(I made it by modifying JavaScript and JSON bundles and there are LOTS of traces)

Frogatto.tmbundle.zip (7.4 KB)


Version log:

[ul][li]0.1 It seems to work ok.[/li]
[li]0.2 Jetrel reports that many stuff is colored as “invalid”, so non-quoted FSON keys and # style comments are added.[/li]
[li]0.3 // and /**/ style comments are added.[/li]
[li]0.4 Fixed // style comments in embedded FFL commenting past the " that delimits FFL itself.[/li]
[li]1.0 Milestone!: Both frogatto_playable.cfg files (the normal and the compiled one) seem to highlight nicely.[/li][/ul]

Many thanks to my beta testers: InquirerK and Jetrel. :wink: