Tennis game


I’ll be making a tennis game with the Frogatto engine, for a game development workshop in my university.
To be able to get the highest grade, it needs to be published somewhere by the end of the semester!

Here I’ll keep a log of my progress.


v0.1: I can hit a flying red ant platform and it gets propelled with some amount of strength.
v0.2: Working on a real tennis ball. (119.1 KB)


Oo, cool.


haha. That’s hilarious!

good luck to you


v0.3: Two players working, broom is_player:true, actual players look into level.player.ctrl_keys

Note: Keys are configurable by selecting a player in the editor, keys are currently AR, and EI; because it’s comfortable when using Colemak as your keyboard layout. :slight_smile: (107.8 KB)


I like the net.

Us non-qwerty users gotta stick together; I use Dvorak. :wink: