Stuck in the game


I have delivered the golden ant and explored all of Rock-a-fort inside and out, up and down to the best of my knowledge and revisited everything on the map. What now? I can’t find anything new in the game.


At the top right corner of Rock-a-Fort, there should be an exit to a place called Flooded Caverns. From there, you should be able to just keep going right until you get to town.


I’ve got a chest with a big gold coin in it on the top right corner.


On the right side of that hill with the two cave entrances pointing to the left, there’s a small bridge you have to drop off of. Then you cross the waterway and you’ll be close to the exit to Flooded Caverns.
Hmm. This isn’t the first time I hear of someone getting stuck in Rock-a-Fort.


Thanks! I thought I had explored everywhere uderwater, but I missed that one. Maybe place a coin there to lure players down?


That’d be quite reasonable, yes.


i thought i would just put my problem on here sense i dont know how 2 open new dumbo me…i am stuck in darkness central i can get up any of the entrances is there a way i missed?


Near the middle, there’s this part with these bridges, just go up that narrow path above frogatto; after that, head right.


i tried that time aftertime over and over and it just now worked. thanks