Steam Greenlight


Steam Greenlight, get it ya know the lamp for the topic post? No? What ever.

Anyway so as user of steam for awhile and now that Frogatto is on Greenlight I thought I might provide some suggestions/insight on what you should add to the game in preparation for a Steam release.
B=Before Steam
A=After Steam

  1. Add the access to the editor from the ESC menu, and provide a warning that level progress would be lost. B
  2. Auto-save feature for the editor. B
  3. Make it so Modules and or levels can be submitted to the Steam Workshop. A
  4. Main Menu Intro/moving background? B
  5. More levels/worlds, IE DLC? A
  6. More Save slots. B
  7. Achievements accessible from ESC menu and Steam. A
  8. Split screen co-op? B or A
  9. More “User friendly” Editor. IE Advanced (current version), and basic mode (Simplified, No labels, basic level linking, No door linking, stuff like that). B or A
  10. Video Tutorial on Editor. A
  11. A little bit more open world. This goes hand in hand with 5. As the game feels VERY linear.
  12. More abilities. B or A
  13. High Score Tracker on Steam. A
    EDIT 14. Sell the OST or have it for free.
    EDIT 15. Make a linking system between object and controller, people hate coding if they have never tried it.
    EDIT 16. In the level properties add a music selector and a palette selector.

Over all Frogatto is great, actually AMAZING, as it is. But sadly people on the internet are never as smart as we may think hence a lot of these suggestions are so that there are less and less of these: “Omg how do u open teh editor?!? plz hlp.” or things like that. “How do i install dis mod.” So yeah great job guys keep up the AMAZING work!


P.S. I’m working on a promotional level for Steam Greenlight, 'cause why not right?


Oh yeah, when I thought of this I had way more ideas than I wrote down so I will be adding some.


We’ve actually got a basic DLC setup working. Or at least, we had. It’s been a while since I started it up. :-\


Congratulations on the Greenlight success! :smiley:


Congratulations on getting yourselves on Steam.


So do You have any plans to update your game? or reaching greenlight platform was Your goal and now You decide to stop working on it? I wish to see next version with some new cool stuff inside :slight_smile:


Yep, working on it.


No one likes writing blog posts, so we are one of those bad, quiet projects. You can find the daily chatter via internet relay chat @ irc://, though.

So far: One new segment which can be played through as an alternative to the heavily-reworked forest segment, a bunch of new enemies and obstacles, and a type-based damage/resistance system. Among other things. :slight_smile:


Blogs are good if You write them regular and they are related to things You put in Your game, like in Broforce - each time they put something new in that game they write about it.


I was curious how many commits we’ve made in the last 4 months; the command:

pegs it at roughly 597.

Honestly, if you want to watch the direct things we’re actually doing, this is the place:

Marcavis has been doing some awesome work with twitter, but our blog has kinda been languishing; I certainly haven’t had any time to work on it, because all frogatto time I’ve got gets poured into the actual game itself.


Thanks for the update and the blog :slight_smile:

I expect that there will be new dialogues in the game, so it’s be great if I could get the new po file as soon as you are approaching string freeze - small changes won’t be a problem, because I use Virtaal which gives me fuzzy matches. I’m asking because translating the dialogues is quite challenging for me (I am better with formal language), so any head start would help me.