Starlit Cave crashes on windows 7


Hey guys I’m new here, and I love your game! The art and the concept are beyond what I’ve seen in most indie games, but there is one bug that’s got me worried. Starlit caves crashes no matter how many times I try: I arrive in the cave, walk a short distance, and at the same spot every time my character freezes and the game promptly crashes. By the way, I’m running Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium and playing the most recent version of the game (1.1.1). Is there anything I’m missing in the starlit caves that’s important or even vital to finishing the game? What am I missing by not being able to access the cave? And will this ever be fixed or is there any way I can fix or debug it? Thanks


Hi, nstrommel. There is a dev version where we’ve fixed the crash, but it looks like our site has been hacked again – specifically, the downloads page. I’ll give you the link just as soon as we can get rid of the spam. :frowning:


Also, the good thing is that you’re not missing much - just a treasure chest with some coins in it… and a teleporter to the right end of the Gnarled Knoll level (which means it’s a convenient way to evade the possibly annoying jumping puzzle there).
It’s most likely the waterfall that’s causing the crash; there are no others after it, so hopefully your version shouldn’t crash anymore.


We had some driver issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7, back then. We really need to get another release out. :-\