[spoiler] Frogourmet achievement - enemy list


So, I’ve recently added the “Frogourmet” achievement, awarded for trying to eat one out of every type of enemy available in the game.
For reference (since we’ll expand this in the future, as new enemies are added), here’s the current (as of revision 4744) list of 26 enemies you have to grab:

1	ok	bat
2	ok	squirrel black
3	ok	squirrel red
	ok	squirrel sniper				not yet ingame

	ok	milgram					boss, left out

4	ok	ant black (& flying)
	ok	ant flying glow				not yet ingame
5	ok	ant gold (& flying)
6	ok	ant platform red (& flying)
	ok	ant flying wallcling			not yet ingame	
7	ok	beetle black
8	ok	beetle black armor
9	ok	beetle water
10	ok	fumper
11	ok	fumper flapper
	---	jellybug green               	        not yet ingame
	ok	moth big					not yet ingame
12	ok	moth black
	ok	moth brown				not ingame
	ok	mouse					not yet ingame
13	ok	red spikebug				
	ok	spider					not yet ingame
	ok	worm white					not yet ingame

14	ok	kitty robot
15	ok	milgram block launcher

16	ok	bunny ball tosser
17	ok	kitty gun
18	ok	kitty spear
	ok	kitty sword					boss, doesn't count
19	ok	milgram block
20	ok	milgram pod
21	ok	milgram slab

	ok	mushroom hopper blue			not yet ingame
	ok	mushroom hopper red			not yet ingame
22	ok	shooting plant				includes helicopter plant
23	ok	spitting flower
24	ok	super shooting plant
25	ok	thunder melon
26	ok	white shooting flower

Nearing frogatto 1.3, we’ll have 29 enemies (28 in Casual, as the red hornbugs don’t show up there)

"ant_black": "ant_flying_red": "ant_gold": "ant_platform_red": "ant_red": "bat_black": "bat_red": "beetle_black_armor": "beetle_black": "beetle_water": "bunny_ball_tosser": "fumper_flapper": "fumper": "hornbug_red": EXCLUSIVE "kitty_gun": "kitty_ninja": "kitty_spear": "milgram_block": "milgram_pod_launcher": "milgram_pod": "moth_black": "rabbit_black": "red_spikebug": "shooting_plant": "spitting_flower": "squirrel_black": "squirrel_red": "super_shooting_plant": "wartfly":


[s]Something I should’ve figured out ages ago; to find all the unique frogourmet tags:

:~/frogatto/modules/frogatto$ grep -hr frogourmet_tag data/objects/* | sed -e ‘s/\t+//’ | sort | uniq

Caveat: some enemies can be hard to find in levels, if I’m searching for their frogourmet_tag: ant_platform_red and and_wallcling are always flying, in game (so, e.g. ant_flying_wallcling can be found in a level); also, maggot_grey and maggot_white only exist if spawned by their generators, never alone on their own.[/s]
Most of this is moot, as frogourmet tags are no longer set manually.