Spanish Translation


I’m finishing a spanish translation for Frogatto.
But I have some problems with sentences untranslated, like menu “Resume”, “Exit” or key representations like “UP” or “DOWN”…
Some advice?


Hi, are you using SVN or a snapshot? I think this bug was introduced in revision 4327 (Feb 11) and fixed in revision 4348 (Feb 16).


I’m translating stable version 1.0.3, : /
What file should have these words? But I believe I’ve look in all files…
Thanks for answer.


Maybe you’re having a different problem than I was thinking. Did you translate the strings like “Resume” and “Exit” in the .po file, but not see them translated in game, although you see the other strings translated? Did you remember to run “make update-mo”?

“Resume” and “Exit” are in src/pause_game_dialog.cpp, while the keys are in src/key_button.cpp. They’re C++ source files so you wouldn’t see them unless you compile the game by yourself. If you can run the latest SVN or the development snapshot, try if those fix the problem.

You might also want to contact pH5 about uploading your .po file to Transifex, so that other people can help test the translation, and/or contribute to it. At the mean time, if you post it here I could see if I have that problem too, although I don’t understand Spanish so I can’t help with testing the rest of the translation.


I translated the game manually, editing *.cfg files. I don’t have those *.cpp, and I don’t know nothing about compiling, : S
So badly, no? eheh

I’ve request a tranlation project in Transifex “Spanish (Spain) - Requester: SunkDevifull”, but I’m waiting for an answer or else…


Oops, I really shouldn’t have forgotten to give you this advice!
SunkDevifull, the correct way to translate would be downloading the es.po file from transifex; try to copy to the .po file the translations you’ve already done. Changing the original .cfg files won’t work (encoding reasons) and then you’d have a different game altogether, so to speak.
It’s not needed to get approval before downloading and working on the translation file, it’s just a matter of being able to upload it there.


Actually it works, but anyways, you’re the boss, ; )
So I downloaded “frogatto.pot_en_US.po”, do I must translate this file? With an hex editor or what?
I see “Resume” and “Exit”, but no the keys descriptions, up, down…

Thank you very much.


Not that one, get the Spanish (Castillan) translation catalog here:
Then you should get a translation catalog editor - I use poedit, and it works well for me.