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I’m 75 years old with good computer skills but I have never played an adventure game. Frogatto looks terrific but I’m stumped from the get-go. Is there a brief tutorial that will at least help me through the first few stages so that I can get the hang of it? I looks like a fun thing to have on my netbook to while away the time while I am waiting in doctor’s offices.


Bob Harris


The basic controls (moving, jumping, interacting, etc.) are explained in the main screen; if you wait a bit, the instructions will be cycled through.
There’s some more in-depth gameplay explanations in the first level after leaving Frogatto’s house, as well; you’ll see several red interrogation marks floating around, and you’ll be able to interact with them by pressing the “up” arrow key.

Thanks for trying out Frogatto, we hope you enjoy playing it!

  • If you sit around on the titlescreen, the text right under the “Frogatto” title is a description of the controls. It takes about 10-30 seconds before cycling to the next line of text (so that people have time to read), but a small percentage of people are sometimes too impatient to read it, and hurry on to the next level before reading the controls. One unusual thing is that the titlescreen itself is a level. You can freely walk around on it, and how you get out of it is no different than any other level - you open up one of those doors to start the game.

  • What makes frogatto an adventure game, rather than … whatever you call games like mario/sonic/etc (arcade games?), is that you’re free to move around from level to level. Rather than a series of disconnected, “numbered” levels with time-limits and some sort of explicit “goal” at the end of the level, in frogatto, all the levels are connected together, and you’re free to walk around between any levels you want. You can travel around and visit different characters, much like you’d do in a role-playing game.

The best thing to do in frogatto, is to follow whatever personal goal Frogatto monologues about, and explore. At the very start of the game, frogatto feels like visiting the town - which happens to be far to the right/east of his house. You can’t miss it, since you’re not free to go anywhere else. Be aware there are many small dead-ends, like frogatto’s backyard. As you travel onwards, frogatto will make further plans, and more of the story will be revealed.

  • The second level after frogatto’s house, called “grassy path”, is a tutorial level. There are a bunch of question-marks on the level, and if you “talk” to them (by default, pressing “up arrow” does this), they’ll describe stuff about how to play.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:


Thank you Jetrel and marcevis for your replies. I surely jumped through the title screen so I missed a bunch of goodies right at the start. I can’t wait to get back into it later today. Thanks again.