Segmentation Fault


Hi, I have a problem. I got in the story so far that you defeat the guardians in the cave then you proceed to the town, but when I enter the town and step two or three the game crashes with a segfault (SIGSEGV). I found a temporarily workaround by going in then out then going in again, and this time i will teleport to an other part of the map where it does not crash. However when i go speak with the bird (sorry forgot the names) the game crashes as i am too close to the cave opening. I found out with the editor that a little skull icon is where the game crashes, it has some text but i cant read it because it not onscreen. I am hoping for some help, thanks and bye! (Oh, and sorry if my english is bad)

I am using
Ubuntu LTS 14 (Wubi)
OpenGL 2.0
Mesa driver


Do you know what version of Frogatto are you running? (Or, where did you get it from?)