Secret room in elevator house


Where this damn room? I can not find it.

This post is making me mindblown

If we knew that it wouldn’t be secret would it?
[size=8pt][sup](The very top floor. On the left.)[/sup][/size]


Nope, that’s not the secret one…


I’ll give you a hint. Look around the cages very thoroughly. :wink:


:o amazing
Thank you. I didn’t even realize I needed help.


Can I access the secret room after I’ve beaten the boss kitty?


Yes, you just have to find it; Basically, right now there’s no content in Frogatto that can be missed - If you didn’t get something, come back later.


Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t - once you beat the boss kitty in town, everything in town becomes non-hostile. It’s possible I’m wrong, but I’m prettty sure that’s the case.


Whoops, I was really mistaken here - Yeah, there’s no way to reach the secret room after you beat the sword kitty, a lot of stuff changes in the Elevator House.


Ugh, so what did I miss in there out of curiosity?


I treasure chest. If memory serves me, it had a large coin worth 10 gold in it.


I think there was a full heart in that chest; if you beat the game without it, I suppose it wasn’t that important.

On a related subject. I beat the game without releasing anybody from their cage…is that normal? CAN I free the villagers?


Freeing the villagers is implied by beating the boss in the Elder’s house, and if you go back into those houses you’ll see everyone is freed.


Once you find the secret room you won’t find any keys to free the villagers in cages but there’s a chest that has 100 coins. Totally worth looking for. Search thoroughly around the cages in the elevator house and you just might find it. :wink:


So, are more ends in the game?


I dont know about that room