Secluded Isle


Hi, I’ve been working on this the past week… it’s my first real attempt at a Frogatto level (very work-in-progress, still doesn’t have any enemies). Any criticisms are welcome. In particular I’m a bit worried that the excessive foliage might obscure where platforms are.

Edit: Forgot to mention, this will probably look best with a version of Frogatto that has Sirp’s recent parallax fix. (18.2 KB)


So, basically, a build after 29 April 2012 or so. Loving the lush feel, by the way. It has quite a nice ‘flow’ to it, if you nail the jumps. :slight_smile: I /looove/ what you’ve done with the vines, we’ll have to try and talk Jetrel into making an official vine tileset. :smiley:


Hello, i can’t manage to launch your module (and any module in fact).
Please : what is the real syntax on Big Bill’s OS ?
I read/watch all the 3 tutorials (Elisa…).


To load this module, the syntax for you should be:
Frogatto --module=secluded-isle --level secluded-isle.cfg
Not indicating the level (–level secluded-isle.cfg) will lead you to mainline frogatto’s titlescreen instead, as secluded-isle doesn’t have a titlescreen.cfg level of its own.

Hmm, strange though… you can’t run
Frogatto --module=weregild
either? What errors do you get there?


Good evening from there !

I sent a report because Frogatto crashed after that :frowning:


That looks like a pretty clear error message to me (you have to put a min_engine_version field in the module.cfg file). However, I guess the tutorials should be updated if they don’t include that.


I’ve attached a new module.cfg file with the min_engine_version field in it.

module.cfg (92 Bytes)


Thank you Krista !
In fact, i forgot to put just one important thing in the module.cfg :

“dependencies”: “frogatto”,


Now that’s rock !