Save Game Save From HD



Coooool game! It was a lot of fun. Beautiful pixel art. I just beat the game and want to be able to keep the game save without game data, is this possible? I am running the Ubuntu variant, XUbuntu (Ubuntu+XFce) and don’t have the hard-drive space to continuously keep it installed, but want to be able to keep my save for next time. Is this possible?


You could back the save up; it’s located at ~/.frogatto/save.cfg (where ~ is your home folder)
Though that begs the question - do you really want to?
We’re getting closer to releasing frogatto 1.3, which will be both savefile incompatible and have lots of new features. (including NINJAS!!!)
Though, yeah, either way, it’s a 200kb file at most, so you can definitely back it up for when you’re able to have the same frogatto version installed again.


ok, thanks.

Didn’t know about your update cycle.