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Oh btw… is there a way to customize levels for the rpg like in frogatto??? moving objects around and what not… i’d really like to try my hand at design one of these days. :slight_smile:
It’s going to be much messier and hackier than frogatto, because I’m personally able to understand a lot of stuff I set up, but which would take a long time to explain to other people.[/quote]

I like hacky.


Second Alpha Release:

  • for those without macs, grab a copy of svn trunk r5006, and run with the following options:
    –level-path=“data/level/rpg” --level rpg-trail2.cfg

  • for those with macs, download the game here.

  • a windows build would be welcome this time around. Anyone who can provide, note that the only changes versus trunk are:
    – delete all music except MysticForest.ogg to save space
    – change data/level/rpg/rpg-trail2.cfg to “titlescreen.cfg”
    – change the reference to “rpg-trail2.cfg” within data/level/rpg/rpg-trail2.cfg to “titlescreen.cfg” to reflect the above change.
    – replace everything in data/level with data/level/rpg

Release Notes:

  • There is still no combat or monsters. That’s my immediate priority for the next release.
  • The house now has an interior.
  • Minor tweaks to exterior graphics, especially a dramatic size increase on the house.
  • Z-ordering should be much, much better now.


Or, if you’re lazy, you can just type ./rpg --level rpg-trail2.cfg to run the game from SVN.