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Holy Sh^T.




Character theme/storyline theme for THIS rpg. Sorry I gotta post this. Getting a great vibe from the visuals.


[quote=“RyanReilly, post:43, topic:186”]Character theme/storyline theme for THIS rpg. Sorry I gotta post this. Getting a great vibe from the visuals.


umm… can’t hear it. The website says :-

Sorry! Something went wrong

A report has been sent to our tech team,
and they’re looking in to the problem.
Please check back in a bit.

Can you up it somewhere else ?


It’s working fine for me. Sorry. I wish I knew what kind of problem you were running into


ah, now I get a different error. I need flash to play it. Couldn’t you up it to youtube or somewhere where I don’t need flash

[me=shirish]hates flash.[/me]


[s]That particular link works fine here, too.


If you hate flash like I do, and are running a mac and don’t want it to dick up your system; I suggest running google chrome. Chrome has its own built-in copy of flash which is nicely sandboxed and doesn’t mess with the rest of the OS.


Here we go.


eeeesh. That’s right. Chrome is kind of ‘special’ with playback. I must be equally special for using it. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Marcavis.

This RPG is going to kick ass.


I like this theme in general, but… how to phrase it… each time it tries to establish a memorable “core” melody or tune, it is getting flooded by other instruments. Something along what is talked about in this Extra Credits video (please note, that I’m not posting this to educate you or to make any claims about some deeper understanding of the subject :-X). It works as a music piece, just not as a theme.


No problem. Thanks for taking the time to both listen and lend your thoughts. I am most interested to see the link!

The integration of the theme will make more sense in context. But I do agree that it gets muddy a bit too often


This is why it’s going to work as a theme. It’s simple, memorable and easy to lend itself to reprisals.

I’ve already written the themes that will play out in the story that are directly related to the figure above. Which is why context is important.

Check out these guys right here :smiley: I think it’s important for me to try to explain this as it’s been a while since I’ve worked on the rpg soundtrack. The themes are a little muddy in my mind. I agree with the overall assessment in the lack of clarity with instrumentation.

Intro title theme/+Main character theme/

The form of this piece is <Main character outline intro/Empire or Antagonist theme/Main character>

Main Character Theme/ (this one needs a lot of work. It’s hard now to tell what I was going for. The form sucks. lol I was probably going for a traditional jrpg setup and failed miserably. But the piece was written in 2009. Maybe I’ve come a ways since then. :slight_smile: This one will be completely reworked.

Antagonist/Empire/Betrayal theme (for quartet and double bass)

Battle against Antagonist/empire/ClaudiusTheme/EmpireTheme

https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/betrayalbattle - (not a final version b/c the sibilance is WAY WAY too pronounced)
This piece will contain many themes but it will definitely contain <empire/antagonist theme> etc.

Now cue in to the latest addition to see that it follows… eh, sort of the same general trajectory as the pieces noted above.

<empire or antagonist theme for sad storyline segment???> (this one follows the form of the betrayal battle theme pretty closely, minus the main character theme in this version) I am trying to think about whether or not I want to integrate it.

https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/claudius-storyline-final -

I just realized that there is a lot of work to be done/ :p/



Now that’s a trip down memory lane. :smiley:

It’s a pity I’m stuck full-timing frogatto for some time to come, but that’s what it takes to get the thing done.


just heard it again after 2 days and have to agree. It gets muddy often. Some part of the piece works but otherwise feels like a jumble :frowning:


Wrote Claudius Theme, erm /main character theme/ tonight. I think I am going to go back and try to separate the instruments a bit more.

Form /

Main character theme / Antagonist or betrayal or Empire theme/ > empire theme fugue for strings.

https://soundcloud.com/frogattosound/claudiuschartheme < that is not one word. But I wish it was.


Anime styled theme… Claudius’ Hope. Really happy with the orchestration



“Anime styled”. ::slight_smile: Yes, how apt.

Good stuff; I rather like the softer sections over the more bombastic bits, but it’s all pretty good.


It’s becoming somewhat more of “RPG art thread” now. :smiley:


I know I know. I just want people to get excited about the project. Probably a better way to go about it :smiley: