Renegade Frogatto Module


[font=impact]Frogatto Module, by Agameofscones[/font]

This is my second mod and 1st module for Frogatto.

The story: It’s been about a year after the events of Frogatto and Milgram and Crevice Village are at peace, however a group of Milgrams kitties have broken off and become outlaws. Milgram hires Frogatto to investigate. Frogatto is then provided transport to the edge of the forest, he first passes through the forest, then through that desert sandy cave area thingy on the right of the minimap, and then into caves, reaching an underground kitty factory run independently of Milgram. Frogatto (shuts it down, blows it up? who knows), and proceeds back to Milgrams castle after passing through the bramble thicket (also on the minimap already) and into Milgrams castle, where the guards attack him because they can be really, really stupid. Finally Frogatto reports to Milgram, reward, the end. Simple right?

Working save system independent from main story line.
Working shop.
Working minimap with the teleporters and stuff.
Actual dialog, no one sentence encounters.
Actual cinematic scenes.



In case the download is not working try the attachment.

[size=14pt][font=impact]Installation instructions.[/font][/size]
For Mac?

  1. Navigate to

  2. Right click and click "Show package contents

  3. Navigate to the modules folder

  4. Unzip into the modules folder

  5. Go BACK one folder into Resources, and open master-config.cfg with textedit

  6. Change --module=frogatto to --module=Renegade Make sure to duplicate master-config.cfg just incase

  7. [size=14pt][font=impact]TO REVERT TO FROGATTO[/font][/size], go back to master-config.cfg open it and change --module=Renegade to --module=frogatto.

[size=36pt][font=impact]GIVE ME FEEDBACK[/font][/size]

Renegade (23.2 KB)


I know it’s old now, but I just wanted to note down here that I love the titlescreen.



Thanks mate. Sadly I have stopped working on this to continue working on desolation.


Yeah, no worries. Just wanted to give + where I consider + due. :wink: