I’d really appreciate borrowing your guys ears for a bit. I’ve been making alterations to the frogatto musics all afternoon. This has been a busy day.

Major mastering reworking. Pretty much goes for every MAJOR piece for the game (unless noted)

  1. Cleaned up frequencies that weren’t adding anything
  2. Separation
  3. Clarifying
  4. Unifying
  5. Major compression and eq work


Might wanna check the link there.


Not going to let me post the list without being logged into the account…
okay. Thanks for the heads up XD

Edit: went ahead and made another sc account specifically for frogatto tracks as the limit for time allowed was being eclipsed with my other account.


We’ll get to work on uploading these.
[update] downloaded, and figured out which ones they match in our current set.

(from listening, yeah, some of these sound way less harsh, like FrogattoStage1, which rocks because I love that song. I was willing to endure the screechiness for the sake of the music, but it’s much nicer with that EQ’d out.)


Uploaded and in the game. :slight_smile: