Releasing Cube Trains 1.0 - A Checklist


These are things left to do for Cube Trains 1.0 that I can think of at the moment. Not all of the “niceties” will be done.

? Credits
? Copy doesn’t work in Ubuntu. ct-cursor.cfg, on_map_to_clipboard
? Tutorial and plot. Include explanation of saving in tutorial.
? Fix scroll to work with up/down buttons.
? Music.
? Sound effects.
? Window resizes when you open a new level.
? Help text (f1) needs redoing.
? Make ‘recycle’ button and company undoable.
? Buttons don’t unhighlight in the toolbox. base_input.cfg, on_mouse_leave
? Missing one direction button.
? Implement the zorder decals around entrance/exit tunnels so that trains look like they’re coming out right.
? Reenable ‘plop’ effect.
? Fix right mouse button zorder scroll.
? Figure out colour switcher for entrances.

? Add stats, and get them approved server-side. Pieces placed, level solutions when quit, time taken, actions triggered by key and by button, train death location.
? Delay/confirm exit on success.
? Derailed train blows up/scatter/break up in a physics-enabled manner.
? Fade in/out on level switch.
? Make key controls more easily configurable.
? Make scrolling slide along edges, not stick to them like it does now.
? Modifier keys return stringed numbers, which mirrors numbers being reported. These keys should just alert with their key-codes, or by long name.
? Nicer success/failure effects, along with trains fading out?
? Nicer tick for middle-mouse-button scroll?
? Nicer train routing failure effects. Stop train, highlight tile red. ’ Yeah, for bonus fx on something like that, you could have the train screech to a halt (maybe even with particle-fx of sparks on the wheels), and the people in it go “boo”.’
? Output text should right-align individual lines.
? Trigger success when trains meet in middle, not just at ends.
? Tweak arrow buttons to be on the diagonal, right now they are twisted ~45? relative to the effect.
? “reverse_global_vertical_zordering: true” makes the picker for the debug console pick the lowest object.
? Selecting a train in the editor selects the entrance instead. (Because of spawning.) This makes it impossible to use the built-in editor on trains.
? Make undo also undo changes of branch colour, for placing entrances.
? Figure out what’s going on around the edge-hedges, zorder-wise.
? Raises improperly occluded.

Release Steps:
? Remove other modules.
? Change over master-config.cfg
? Sign code, so stats are validated.
? Remove two main-menu buttons from C++
? Update readme and license.

Can anyone think of anything I’m missing or should add? Any more stats I should collect?


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