Questions about the map editor


Theres a way to resize/rotate objects in the map editor? And disable the auto-tiling function without pressing CTRL everytime i move a object?


Hi Kawky, I added in a few shortcuts for rotation and scale of objects in, I think, the development branch of the game. (The one that will become v4.) m is scale (hold ctrl for no snapping), and g for rotation (hold ctrl for no snapping).

(I was running out of available hotkeys, so they’re pretty much random unfortunately - we’ll make it better later. :wink: )

Good luck!


Awesome! :smile: There’s a way to adjust/edit the object hitboxes alongside with the scale/rotation? (Or use something like invisible blocks & disable the original object hitbox?)

When i make an object bigger or rotate, the hitbox of the object continue the same. (The ones that act like platforms)


I’m afraid rotation is a bit of a weak spot for us - the physics engine only deals with axis-aligned hitboxes. You can rotate platform areas, though I think you might have to do that manually. (?)

The best I got is to look at the secret passage controller, which show how to manipulate the solidity of the tiles of a level. There’s an inverse of it which adds solidity as well. The function the controller is based on is set_solid(…), documented here:

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