Prospera, the forest witch


In this thread, we gather ideas and dialogue on what to do with the new character, Prospera.

Back then, Jetrel had proposed the possibility that she threatens to turn Frogatto into a frog (if he trespasses/doesn’t wait for her permission?); ideas for comical reactions:

  • “Wow, I… suddenly feel more like myself than I’ve ever felt, somehow.”
  • In the status pane of the inventory window, an icon shows up to inform the player that Frogatto has been turned into a frog, permanently.
  • Any non-unique items in Frogatto’s stomachs are transformed into an (useless? useful?) frog-themed item.


Prospera is probably a good candidate for ability dole-out, which we’ve been looking for a slot for - especially as a quest reward. It makes sense for her to give out talismans (whereas mortimer should tend towards more sciency/pokedex style stuff like the map and bestiary).

It’s also worth noting she’s quite arguably the warden/regent of the forest, so to speak; she doesn’t rule the town at all, politically, but she’s strong enough at magic and so on that’s she’s one of the primary things protecting it from any external threats (like the mushrooms), and she’s storywise probably got her hands full, dealing with that. That could be a good story hook, where the mushroom menace is basically keeping her from taking any long trips, because she can’t risk being away from the town too long (or she could come back to find out it’s too late to save it). Frogatto instead could get pegged to do those.


One core plan is … we’ll force the introduction like so:

  • Very soon after leaving the initial Tempo Village area, the forest is blocked off, and you can’t progress. It’s blocked by an energy barrier, which we use as a reason to force the player to visit Prospera - you have to have the energy shot to break it, and she’ll be the one to give it.
  • I’m thinking, though - we’ll initially have her, herself, inaccessible. We’ll do something where the player doesn’t have permission to visit her until they finish some quest.
  • Because its entrance is so conveniently located - so close to the start of the two main level tracks, I’m increasingly convinced we’ll put the “Musty Mine” cave level set on the accessible side of the energy barrier, and you’ll have to get to the bottom of it and retrieve something for her, before she gives the energy-shot.
  • We probably want to throw a decent miniboss fight in, at the end of it.

Once the player has gotten the energy-shot, they’ll have a very decent introduction to Prospera, and she’ll be a great hook for additional quests besides just the energy shot.


Frogatto will get stopped on the forest road, conveniently at a place precisely before any of the branching paths into town (aka a 100% guarantee he hits this before the town). Stopped by some new, quite ponderous-looking NPC.

imoti,		[~Excuse me.~]
frogatto,	[~Okay.\\nHi, I'm Frogatto.  And you are...?~],
imoti,		[~You can call me Imoti.~],
			[~May I ask what you are doing here?~],
frogatto,	[~I don't know... where's 'here'?~],
imoti,		[~This is known as Tempo Village.~],
			[~This is the main thoroughfare through town.~],
			[~Our homes are nestled in and around\\nthe trees here, to the north and south.~],
frogatto,	[~Okay.  That sounds nice.~],
			[~So if you don't mind my asking, I'm actually\\ntrying to get <em>through</em>, here.~],
			[~I mean, I might stop by the town and all,\\nbut ultimately I'm headed off towards, uh...~],
			[~Basically where Milgram lives.\\nHis castle?  He lives in one, right?~],
imoti,		[~Hmm.  Yes, I believe I've heard it said that way.~],
			[~But ... hmm, you may not end up getting\\nvery far, I should think so.~],
			[~He would be further along the road to our west.~],
			[~There is some debatable wilderness, that way,\\nbut that is the right direction.~],
			[~But you would be stopped much sooner than that,\\nyes you would.~],
frogatto,	[~I would?~],
imoti,		[~Yes, I do believe it's best if you see for yourself.~],
			[~But if you would like to go that way,\\ndo come back and talk to me.~],
			[~Perhaps something can be arranged.~],

Then we have a second conversation. Frogatto can either go actually visit the barrier and see it, or just talk to him a second time, right away. Just a slight text difference between the two.

frogatto,	[~So yeah, uh - I saw what you said.~],
			[~There's these blue ... cubes ... in the way.\\nLike some kind of force field.~],
			[~You know what that is?~],
imoti,		[~I do, in fact.\\nWe are very fortunate, here, you see...~],
			[~Yeah, so I'm curious about what you were talking about earlier.~],
			[~You said I won't be able to make it very far?  What's up?~],
imoti,		[~Ahh, if you have not seen it, shortly\\npast here there is a barrier.~],	
			[~A 'force field' of sorts, made by magic.\\nIt is blue.  You cannot miss it.~]
			[~There is a great witch in this forest;\\nquite nearly in the town, itself.~],
			[~She is known by the name Prospera.\\nShe has offered us her protection and guidance.~],
frogatto,	[~Okay, that sounds like a swell deal, but uh...\\nsurely there's some sort of catch?~],
			[~Is she your ruler?~],
imoti,		[~Hmm, hmm.  Quite clever of you.\\nNo, she is not our ruler.~],
			[~We have a mayor by the name of Truggle.~],
			[~However - "What's in it for her?"\\nShe does not seem to want to rule...~],
			[~But she often needs help with various errands.~],
			[~We are happy to do that, because she helps\\nin ways we could not hope to do.~],
frogatto,	[~So ... she made that force field?\\n<em>She</em> did that?~],
imoti,		[~Yes~],
frogatto,	[~Dang.\\nI wouldn't know the first thing...~],
imoti,		[~I expect you would like to know why she did that, but I would rather defer this.~],
			[~There is a fellow in town named Whatran who\\ncan give you the ... long story.~],
			[~In the meantime, suffice it to say, she is\\nthe only way you can get rid of those.~],
frogatto,	[~Okay... so I just go ask her?~],
imoti,		[~Essentially, but I expect she\\nwould not trouble with you.~],
frogatto,	[~Huh?~],
imoti,		[~I do not think she would receive you.\\nShe is a bit standoffish.~],
			[~However... I believe she would be of a different\\nmind, if you gave a favorable first impression.~],
frogatto,	[~You think I can't get by on my natural charm\\nand personable manner?~],
imoti,		[~I am supposed to be delivering something to her,\\nbut I would rather be spared the hike.~],
			[~If you deliver it for me, instead, I think being\\nthe bearer of good news would help ... ameliorate things.~],

continue with text about the actual quest
not sure if we’ll just have him literally have it on his person, or have frogatto run to some house in town or something - maybe out to the docks?