Prospera Gets a Surprise


A bit of Easter Egg dialogue that will run if Frogatto complete’s Prospera’s quest before talking to her.

Prospera- I need someone to kill the Irachtahne of Essikoria.
Frogatto- Done. Anything else?
(Prospera laughs)
Prospera- You’re rocking some wicked confidence, but it won’t be that simple.
Frogatto- I beg to differ. It wasn’t easy, but it was simple.
Prospera- Wait…
Frogatto- I hurt it until it died, while trying not to get hurt.
Prospera- Hang on…
Frogatto- That’s how killing usually works.
Prospera- Are you saying…
Frogatto- Or so I gather, anyway. I kinda just broke into the industry.
Prospera- You’ve already killed the Irachtahne of Essikoria???
Frogatto- Probably. Is it a big stone eye?
Prospera- Yes…
Frogatto- Shoots huge death lasers?
Prospera- …
Frogatto- Makes a bunch of little eyes?
Prospera- How did you know what it was?
Prospera- Have you read volume three of The Essikorian Tracts?
Frogatto- Absolutely never.
Frogatto- I killed a huge ancient-looking monstrosity near here…
Frogatto- You put a hit out on something with a weird name…
Frogatto- I just put two and two together and figured they were the same thing.
Frogatto- I mean, what are the odds that there are two horrendous abominations within walking distance of here?
Prospera- I…
Frogatto- Is there another? Maybe some kind of towering sentient hate-mushroom that spits acid?
Prospera- Not as far as I know.
Frogatto- Then may I have that thing please?


This sounds great! My only concern is that it might be a little long. Maybe jump from “wait…” to “You’ve already killed the Irachtahne of Essikoria???”