Post-moth-boss dialogue


Berd: There you are! I’m so sorry!

Frogatto: (2 choices):

1: "Don’t worry about it."
Frogatto: Let’s not dwell on it. Everything turned out okay. Let’s focus on the present.
Berd: Yes, you do seem to be a little… (camera pans back and forth) geographically challenged at this point.
Frogatto: And I don’t think I burned enough calories in that fight for you to be able to fly me out of here. So… do I just live here now?
Berd: No, I think I see a way out. I might not be able to lift you, but I would wager I can lift something that can support your weight. Give me a moment to work out the physics…


2: "Thanks a lot!"
Sorry? I should be thanking you!
Berd: What? Why?
Frogatto: Well, you’ve given me an idea for a new battle tactic.
Berd: Really? Do tell.
Frogatto: It’s simple. From now on, whenever we encounter an enemy, I want you to convince them to let you pick them up and try to glide them down a canyon.
Berd: Look, there’s no need to-
Frogatto: I’m serious! If Milgram is anywhere near as gullible as I was, he won’t be any trouble.
Berd: Hey now, that’s-
Frogatto: It won’t be quite as dangerous for him though, since I just killed the horrifying monstrosity that happened to be at the bottom of the ONE cliff, out of all the cliffs out there, that you just happened to drop me off of.
Frogatto: You’re right, I’m sorry.

(2 choices)

1:"You were only trying to help."
Frogatto: You did your best. I’m just upset about the experience as a whole, but I shouldn’t take it out on you. But seriously, how do I get out of here? If flying wasn’t a good idea on the way down, I’m not terribly enthused about our chances on the way back up.
Berd: Not necessarily. You’re stranded on a small rock surrounded on all sides by an abyss with no source of food. In about a week, you won’t be too fat for me to carry.
Frogatto: Berd! This is serious!
Berd: Ah, I see sarcasm is only acceptable when you do it. Very well, I can lift things other than you. One moment please…


2:"My grammar was inappropriate."
Frogatto: Forgive my sentence structure. The one cliff off of which you happened to drop me. But hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and Milgram will just starve to death.
Berd: That is ENOUGH! I know I screwed up. I said I was sorry. Which, granted, might not be sufficient, but what else can I do here?
Frogatto: Hey, calm down. I’m not mad at you.
Berd: You’re not?
Frogatto: No. You were honest about the dangers involved with your plan. I agreed to take a calculated risk that turned out not to pay off.
Berd: Then why do you keep lambasting me?
Frogatto: Well, you DID drop me into a canyon where I had to fight (an/yet another) enormous beast. Regardless of any mitigating circumstances, I think I’m more than entitled to make fun of you.
Berd: sigh I see your point. Carry on.
Frogatto: Hey Berd, gravity called, it wants its… um… drop-me-off-a-cliff… back.
Berd: …
Frogatto: Okay, I’m done.
Berd: Good. Because I think I know a way to get you out of here. I see a rope over there. I’ll grab it and fly it to the top the canyon and loop it around some rocks for you.
Frogatto: Be careful. Make sure you don’t drop the rope into a gaping hole to the center of the earth where it has to fight a giant lava badger.
Berd: I thought you were done.
Frogatto: Sorry. To be fair, though, you flew right into that one like a newly-cleaned window.
Berd: That’s not funny, my cousin died that way.



My name is Berd Montoya and a clean window killed my father.
Prepare to glide.


Edited version I’m going to put in:

Berd, ~There you are!\nI’m so sorry!~
~Don’t worry about it.~, [speech_dialog(
set(level.player.animation, ‘emote_raisedfinger’),
Frogatto, [~Let’s not dwell on it.\nEverything turned out okay.~],
[~Let’s focus on the present.\nI am in a bit of a pickle.~],
//(camera pans back and forth)
Berd, [~Yes, you do seem to be a little…\ngeographically challenged at this point.~],
Frogatto, [~And I don’t think I burned enough calories in that fight\nfor you to be able to fly me out of here.~],
[~So…\ndo I just live here now?~],
Berd, [~Hey - this is actually a pretty nice loft…\nat least as birds would value things.~],
Frogatto, [~Hmm, I guess I can see what you mean.~],
Berd, [~But yes, I did get that rope.~],
[~I figured I’d drop down and check on you,\nbefore I tied it off.~],
[~But since you’re okay, I’d best have at that…~],
~No, no, thank YOU!~, [speech_dialog(
Frogatto, [~Sorry? I should be thanking you!~],
Berd, [~What? Why?~],
Frogatto, [~Well, you’ve given me the most wonderful idea.~],
Berd, [~Really? Do tell.~],
Frogatto, [~It’s simple - next time I encounter something like that,\nwe have you politely offer to carry it…~],
Berd, [~Look, there’s no need to…~],
Frogatto, [~I’m serious! If Milgram is anywhere near as\ngullible as I was, he won’t be any trouble.~],
Berd, [~Hey now, that’s-~],
Frogatto, [~Though we’ll need to have some terrible monster\nconveniently waiting for him below.~],
Berd, [~COME OFF IT, NOW!\nReally.~],
Frogatto, [~…~],
~You’re right, I’m sorry.~, [speech_dialog(
Frogatto, [~You’re right, I’m sorry.\nYou were only trying to help.~],
[~I’m just a tad upset about the whole experience.~],
Berd, [~I don’t blame you.~],
Frogatto, [~But seriously, how do I get out of here?~],
[~If flying down was that tough,\nI’m not enthused about our chances going back up.~],
Berd, [~Actually, I know one way we\nmight be able to pull that off.~],
Frogatto, [~Really?!~],
Berd, [~Sure; we’ll just leave you up here for a week or so,\nhave you skinny up a bit from lack of food-~],
Frogatto, [~Hey! This is serious!~],
Berd, [~Is it, now?~],
[~I seem to recall you were just\ncracking wise a few moments ago.~],
[~Not as much fun when you’re the one\nbeing made sport of, is it?~],
Frogatto, [~Touch?.~],
Berd, [~Anyways, no hard feelings.\nYou’ll be happy to know I DID get that rope.~],
[~I’d just wanted to fly down and check on you, first.~],
~I’m actually serious.~, [speech_dialog(
Frogatto, [~No really - I’m actually serious here;\nI’m not making fun of you.~],
Berd, [~Are you, really?\nBecause that plan sounds quite daft.~],
[~Milgram must weigh ten times what you do, surely?~],
Frogatto, [~Give or take.\nI’ve never actually seen him, of course.~],
[~What I meant was:\nthe idea of using terrain to one’s advantage.~],
[~I didn’t mean you actually carrying him,\nbut it did get me thinking about cliffs.~],
[~I mean, all that mass works against him\nif he goes over a ledge by accident.~],
[~Maybe he’s too big to turn, fast?~],
Berd, [~You seem to be putting a lot of thought into this…~],
Frogatto, [~Yeah, I’m really considering all my options.\nTalking it over is a grand idea and all…~],
[~…but I better have a plan B,\nif he decides to put me out of my misery.~],
Berd, [~Do … you think he’d actually attack you?\nHe’s not known for being aggressive.~],
[~On the other hand, he has been known\nto use force in some situations.~],
Frogatto, [~Yeah, I mean … it scares me that\nhe’s not really accountable to anyone.~],
[~He is the law, over there.\nIf he wants to off me, who’s gonna stop him?~],
Berd, [~Scary.~],
[~At any rate, we’d better get you out of here…~],
[~If you’ll excuse me a moment,\nI did, in fact, get that rope…~],
~Am I being a dick?~, [speech_dialog(
Frogatto, [~Am I being a dick?~],
Berd, [~Yes, you’re being a proper cad.\nPlease stop.~],
[~Enough already: I know I screwed up.\nI said I was sorry.~],
[~Which, granted, might not be sufficient,\nbut what else can I do here?~],
Frogatto: [~Hey, calm down. I’m not mad at you.~],
Berd: [~You’re not?~],
Frogatto: [~No. You were honest about\nthe dangers involved with your plan.~],
[~That was a calculated risk I agreed to,\nit’s not your fault it went sour.~],
[~After all, you can only flap those\nstubby little wings so hard.~],
Berd: [~Yeah, we gave a good go of it.\nShame about the landing.~],
Frogatto: [~And the monster.~],
Berd: [~That too.~],
[~But hey, look on the bright side:\n we do have rope!~],
Frogatto: [~Enough to hang ourselves forthwith.~],
Berd: [~…~],
Frogatto: [~Sorry. To be fair, though,\nyou flew right into that one.~],
[~…like a newly-cleaned window?~],
Berd: [~That’s not funny. My cousin died that way.~],