Post-crevice berd dialog branch


Berd: So did you ascertain the source of this debacle?

A- Sort of.
(The conversation continues as is)

B- Nothing worth mentioning.

Frogatto: Some clues, but nothing that really matters right now.
Berd: Are you certain? Perhaps our combined intellects could piece this together.
Frogatto: Look, I’m sure this is all some finely-woven web of intrigue.
Frogatto: But none of the information we have actually changes what needs to be done.
Frogatto: Maybe Milgram is trying to take over our village.
Frogatto: Maybe this was all a misunderstanding.
Frogatto: But that doesn’t actually make a difference now.
Frogatto: We can’t launch a counterattack.
Frogatto: Nor will we be able to repel another invasion.
Frogatto: So all I can do is go talk to him and try to work this out.
Berd: But he might imprison you. Or worse!
Frogatto: Maybe. But if he’s angry, I doubt I’ll fare any better just waiting around.
Berd: I understand. How may I assist?
Frogatto: Well… I don’t suppose you could give me a lift?
Berd: Ah, no. Sadly, I lack the strength to keep you airborne.
Frogatto: Didn’t think so.
Frogatto: Well then, be my eyes.
Frogatto: Scout ahead and make sure I’m going the right way.
Berd: It will be my pleasure.
Berd: As far as I know, the only route to Milgram’s castle is the forest through that cave.
Frogatto: Well then, I’d better get moving. Thanks for the help.
Berd: Not a problem. Good luck!