Portuguese (Portugal) Translation


So Ive Been Checking Out The Forums And I Dont See A Topic On An ACTUAL Portuguese Tranlation.
Then I Find A Brazilian Topic That Hasnt Been Updated In Over A Year.
I Was Wondering…
(Since Itll Be A While Untill I Can Actually Play Frogatto) That I Would Translate The Game.
I Have No Idea How To Implement The Change In The Game, But I Can Translate Pretty Much The Intire English Language Into ACTUAL Portuguese From Portugal
E.G: Give Me The Games Dialog And Ill Tranlate It To Portuguese…Then Again You Guys Might Have Already Transladed It…
If So, Ignore This. If Not, Im Here To Help!!!
UltimateDevilKing :wink:

[size=8pt]EDIT: changed the slightly offensive topic name[/size]
Sorry About The Original Topic Name…I Just Prefer Plain Portuguese :slight_smile:


There is no such thing as an “Actual” variant of Portuguese.
Anyway, while the Brazilian Portuguese translation is complete, I’m well aware that it’s somewhat odd for european Portuguese readers, so it’d be nice to have you start a translation team in transifex, where we handle the translations:
Register there, and create a Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT) translation team; this topic has further info: http://www.frogatto.com/forum/index.php?topic=232.0
Feel free to clone from my translation, and edit as appropriate, if you want to. No need to reinvent the wheel! :slight_smile: